December 22, 2023

A 2023 Recap

As we say goodbye to 2023, we look back on another exciting chapter in the story of Advertise Purple. With over a decade now in the affiliate marketing game, we have a lot of special years. But let’s reflect on what made this year a particularly special and memorable one.

Expanding our knowledge, connecting with peers, and keeping up with industry trends is always important, so our team traveled near and far to attend conferences. In May, Rakuten Advertising hosted the DealMaker USA and Golden Link Awards in La Quinta, California. In July, we left our West Coast beaches for the Big Apple at Affiliate Summit East in NYC. In September, we stayed a little more local by attending Commission Junction University in Santa Barbara. All were a success with new knowledge absorbed by keynote speakers, new connections made, and excitement to apply everything in the office.

It’s always an honor to be recognized with an industry award, but what made this year extra special was continuing a six-year streak. This year, we claimed a spot for the sixth time in a row on the Inc. 5000 list for the fastest-growing private companies. We’re also proud to be named Organization of the Year in the sales and marketing technology program, AKA The Sammy Award, by Business Intelligence Group.

While attending conferences and receiving awards is exciting, it’s hard to beat the company culture we have built and continue to foster. Our team stayed busy outside of the office with fun events like bowling, an LA Kings game, and of course, the annual holiday party. Philanthropy initiatives also stayed at the top of mind for our team with opportunities for giving like November Giving, Zawadi Cultural Collective toy drive, and a lunch and learn with the founder of We Got This, a gift registry for cancer survivors and thrivers.

Beyond these milestones, let’s hear what some members of our team had to say about their highlights of 2023:

“Attending several affiliate conferences- ASW, ASE, and CJU and getting to further develop our relationships with our top affiliate partners!” – Becca N., Head of Content Partnerships

“Hitting my 6-year work anniversary milestone!” – Kelson B., Executive Director, Sales & Business Development

“The corporate development initiatives undertaken by our agency have significantly elevated our partnerships with technology affiliates here in 2023, fostering a dynamic and synergistic collaboration. Through careful integration of cutting-edge technologies, we have not only enhanced our internal processes but also provided our clients with unprecedented opportunities for innovation and growth. The utilization of unique technological solutions has allowed us to further enhance our clients’ consumer journey, providing an exciting and seamless experience that goes beyond expectations. This strategic approach underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest and most impactful technologies available.” – Eidan S., Director of Corporate Development

“I’ve had many highlights in the 6 months I’ve been with Advertise Purple, but the one that takes the cake is witnessing my fabulous, brilliant, hilarious, fantasy-football dominating, and all-around-rockstar manager, Nicole Tyler, win the top prize at the work holiday party raffle! She deserves it soooo much,Terranea here she comes!” – Abel M., Finance & Operations Specialist

“Meeting all of my team members for the 1st time was such a highlight this year.  We have so many smart, talented and interesting personalities. It was a joy to come in as a leader and find so many people willing to open up and collaborate with the new guy!” – Jabari W., Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development in Sales

“As a new member of the team, I’ve enjoyed meeting wonderful people and diving into the world of affiliate marketing. The office dogs, outside lunches, philanthropy opportunities, and events are awesome too.” – Kaitlyn J., Corporate Content & Branding Specialist

Cheers to 2024!

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