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Our Clients see average of 131% in affiliate sales growth under Advertise Purple management in first 6 months*

Dollar for dollar, affiliate marketing is the most profitable performance revenue channel for e-commerce companies. With over 9 successful years of affiliate growth and management for today’s leading e-commerce companies, we have the expertise and dedication required to maximize profitability and grow your brand on the leading consumer websites in the world.

With over 9 years of successful industry management experience and $22 million dollars in affiliate revenue driven, Advertise Purple is revered by affiliate networks and top affiliates as the leading affiliate management company online. Our approach is to ensure our clients will be a top advertiser in their vertical, and if we cannot ensure this, we don’t take them on as a client. Through close affiliate relationships, proven strategy, and proprietary management tools, our affiliate management has proven to be the best in the business.

Affiliates in Today’s Marketplace:


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Only 8.5% of these are top producing partners with quality traffic for your vertical. Are you working with them right now?

The Right Affiliates

There are over 360,000* affiliates in today’s marketplace, 92% of which are fraudulent or non-performers. Given this data, where should you turn to find the right partner to promote your offer? Which network has those top producers? How can you get them to run your offer and be accountable for the results?

Advertise Purple works closely with over 6,100 of the top producing affiliates around the globe, spanning over 15 of today’s largest verticals. Our close relationships with the leading publishers ensure you’re paired up with the right affiliate, test traffic in a timely manner, and they follow all compliance guidelines. With Advertise Purple, the rubber meets the road quickly.

The Right Ad Inventory.

Leading networks claim to have a culmination of over 360,000 affiliates promoting across 1,225,000+ unique affiliate sites online. Each of these affiliates websites have an average of 172 pages on them, all associated with unique conversions rate, traffic volume, banner sets, and general performance metrics. As the AOR program, it’s our responsibility to know where to find the best converting advertising inventory for your offer and creative…and we do.

With over $22 million generated through affiliate channels, we have been collecting conversion data for countless campaign, ad, links and offer combinations for over 9 years. So it’s safe to say, based on proven data, we know just the right place for your offer to be located in order to achieve optimal sales growth (oh, and not to the mention the ad size, creative style, and file size that converts best too:).


Let the Data speak for itself


Average increase of 131% in first 6 months of management*

We’re highly selective with the brands and products we partner with, only selecting organizations that will thrive in performance environments. Our transparent, compliant and progressive strategies have lead to record client retention numbers and exciting growth patterns. Learn more about our selection process and if your brand is a right fit to partner with Advertise Purple.


Increased Traffic from Unique, Compliant & Quality Sources

Traffic without a conversion is like peanut butter without jelly. Under management at Advertise Purple, our process includes promoting your brand within high traffic, quality publisher sites that are approved, compliant, and scalable. Learn how Advertise Purple partners with the highest quality consumer shopping sites in your vertical.


Impeccable Support + Transparent Reporting + Awesome Performance = Record Client Retention

Since inception, our unique performance based fee structured has required Advertise Purple to be highly selective with our brand partners. The results have lead to amazing sales results and industry acclaimed client retention. Learn if you’re a right for Advertise Purple affiliate management.

Case Studies

Great brands, great results. Our clients get the most from the affiliate space.

Affiliate Management

A Publicly Traded B2B, SaaS Mega-Brand Finds Success in Affiliate Space

B2B, SaaS

This public company had been told by their previous agency that growth was no longer possible unless accompanied by potential fraud. 60 days later, Advertise Purple turned the program around with 21% lift in unique traffic and 14% in sale volume. 3 years later, growth continues turning affiliate traffic into a staple revenue channel in their online marketing traffic portfolio for their share holders.

A Luxury Fashion Retailer with a Platinum Sales Trajectory

B2C, Luxury Goods

New to the affiliate space, this $16million/yr luxury fashion brand was skeptical about the potential their products had through the affiliate channel. Given the exorbitant average order value of $2,900, we were too. Good thing our affiliate partners weren’t dissuaded; in just 90 days, this brand grossed over $234,234 in sales in Commission Junction.

Travel & Hospitality Brands Fly into Success

B2C, Travel

Collective growth patterns from 6 leading brands in the travel & hospitality vertical. At the point management began, each of these program had plateaued in Commission Junction & Ebay Affiliate Network (Pepperjam) after working with other affiliate agencies and/or network assisted management. Over the next 12-18 months, sales increased an average of 242% and click volume climbed a staggering 309% (collectively) contributing over $4.4 million in added sales and hundreds of new, engaged affiliates.

Iconic Home & Garden Brand Grows Affiliate Revenue to Record Highs

B2C, Homewares

Revered as the most popular brand in this vertical in the United States with over $21MM in annual revenue, over a 16 month period Advertise Purple increased affiliate count by 113%, click volume 11%, and nationwide sales growth in targeted territories by 8%.

Leading Outdoor Furniture Brand in U.S. Lounges in Double Digit Sales Growth

B2C, Homewares

Listed as an IR Top producing e-tailer, this brand joined forces with Advertise Purple after seeing minimal success in the affiliate space. 5 months, 213 new producing affiliates, countless banner set & testing scenarios later, this brand grew sales from $6,252 to over $62,000 per month of unique sales.

Nutritional Supplement Retailer Sees Record Breaking Sales in Just 71 Days

B2C, Nutra

Claimed to have the leading nutritional supplement found in the trendy Whole Foods grocery chain, this brand partnered with Advertise Purple and saw much better results than both parties expected. After seeing lacking, plateaued sales in their network for over 6 months, Advertise Purple took the reigns and juiced out 241% sales increased in 71 days from compliant, trusted and unique affiliate partners.


Transparent, Compliant & Scalable Strategy = Maximum Conversions

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As a client of  Advertise Purple, we ensure your brand is promoted on today’s top converting, premier consumer websites and blogs. We work closely with the largest affiliates from the leading affiliate networks around the globe, granting us access to quality advertising inventory 24-7.

We’ve mapped out the best sites, ad placements, and product verticals in order to see success almost immediately under management. Our strategy is simple: we drive unique, quality conversions for our brands, using our seasoned affiliate partnerships.


We partner your brand with quality publishers to ensure unique conversions, avoiding any brand poaching scenarios or duplicate conversion attribution nightmares.


Since we’re performance based, we purchase additional, exclusive ad placements on your behalf from top consumer websites. How do we know which placements work? Simple: we use 9 years of successful media buy data as our roadmap. Talk about putting our money where our mouth is 🙂


Proprietary software and detailed KPIs show our worth on a daily basis. From sales down to impressions, all our activity can be tracked back to it’s unique & compliant source.


Advertise Purple is highly selective with the merchants we partner with. We work with numerous blue chip, leading brands on and offline in the North America, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.


We partner with an award winning brand monitoring and compliance technology, ensuring your search and display policies are enforced 24-7 in all geos, all browsers, on all devices.


We bill based on performance. Learn more about how we can reduce your costs, increase your sales, and maximize your ROAS.


Advertise Purple is the #1 Affiliate Management Agency in the Nation. Here’s why:

Meet your New  Team!

Award winning account managers, data scientists, and media buyers.

The perfect ingredients for successful affiliate management.

A Team Back by Data

In order to be the #1 affiliate agency in the nation, you have to a top affiliate. Without proven knowledge of traffic source, landing page & offer combinations, there is minimal direction that can be given to affiliates, and little value to our merchants.

For the last 9 years, the Advertise Purple team has been at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry. Although our business is affiliate management, we have a dedicated in-house team of affiliates running campaigns in order to stay on top of relevant and emerging traffic sources, new industry compliance, top converting banner, OS and landing page combinations, and much more. All of this information we pass onto our clients, ensuring we manage their affiliates and program for in a way maximizing performance, transparency, and ultimate success. Our staff of 17 is here to provide your brand the support, knowledge & direction to take your program to the next level.


Account Managers

Relationships start here.

Your account manager is here to introduce, implement & optimize your offer on today’s top, unique & compliant affiliate properties.


Media Buyers

Growth at an unprecedented rate.


Let our seasoned media buying specialists isolate & maximize return from proven pockets of inventory.  


Data Scientists

Brains behind the KPI.

Organization, historical + current data, and transparency is key when developing scalable strategies. We’re here to deliver both to you in order to maximize return.



Graphic Genius

Data backed design.

Long gone are the days of subjective, artistic banner sets. We build yours based of a pool of metrics that ensure positive return once they appear on partner sites.



Boots in the mud.

In house affiliate team tests your offer to ensure it’s quickly becomes a top converting for your vertical, in your network, then passes that roadmap to 4,300 of the world’s top producing publishers


Network Representative

Our interest VS the network.

Advertise Purple is an accredited and long time partner of tier 1 affiliate networks. Your in-house network representative has a major voice in negotiating, amending and revising any commitments that affect your bottom line.



  • NCAA
  • DS Laboratories
  • LAC
  • Expedia
  • Anthropologie
  • Global Communications
  • Campaigner Email into Revenue
  • Logo Garden
  • Hotels.com
  • XOXO
  • Silicon Beach Digital
  • Rocking Wellness
  • Electric Yoga
  • Echo Club House
  • Lazy Bones
  • National Geographic
  • Match.com
  • Shutters.com
  • MavenLabs
  • Design Furnishings - Outdoor Living For Less
  • rdb
  • 3eb
  • wdb
  • eeb
  • ewb
  • eb
  • eb
  • eb


  • ShareSale - True Performance Marketing
  • ShopAtHome.com
  • Link Share
  • Has Offers by Tune
  • Google
  • Cgh
  • Ebay
  • Ebates
  • FatWallet.com
  • Brand Verity
  • Retail Me Not
  • PC Magazine
  • Rewardstyle
  • UPromise
  • Geek
  • Polyvore


The Advertise Purple team are experts in the affiliate space. They helped us restructure and scale our Commission Junction program, resulting in major influx of quality traffic and sales.

An Online Hospitality Company

As an affiliate driving traffic to Advertise Purple merchants, we are always interested in their new brands. They respresent top merhcants and give us the data needed to send the right traffic and see results.

Collin Vier

They delivered exactly what they promised: high converting, compliant traffic.

A B2B SaaS Company

Their offers always convert from our display traffic and email inventory. Whenever they have new offers to test, we push them above all others.

Yonique Aben

Advertise Purple grew our affiliate program over 300% within the first 90 days. We are glad to have found an agency that really cares and continually grows this channel.

Grant Anderson
E-commerce Health and Supplement Company

They worked on performance only and delivered serious results in less than 30 days. We won’t work with any other OPM

A Jewelry Company


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