October 18, 2023

Strikes, Spares, and Team Spirit

Team bonding is vital for every company. At Advertise Purple, we believe fostering a strong community is the cornerstone of any successful venture. That’s why this past week we hit the bowling lanes and let the good times roll (figuratively and literally)! Our recent company-wide bowling event was a roaring success, bringing employees together for a fun-filled day of strikes, spares, and unforgettable moments.


A Night of Strikes and Laughter

We took off early on Wednesday and headed over to the lanes for a bit of healthy competition. As everyone arrived, the atmosphere was electric. Sounds of laughter and falling pins echoed through the alleys. Everything was prepared to a tee from the snackbar to the light up Advertise Purple sign. 

Everyone grouped up to make teams and even those who’d never bowled before were excited for the competition to begin. I must say I was honestly surprised, I didn’t realize we had a handful of olympic level bowlers on our hands but several teammates made their expert skills known.

Bowling is a game that requires teamwork and communication, much like our daily work at Advertise Purple. Whenever a new player was up, everyone gathered around and cheered their teammates on, forging connections that extended beyond the office walls. It was a true reflection of the collaborative spirit that makes our company thrive.

The competition was fierce but friendly, with each team giving their all to win. Everyone shared moments of success and struggle, creating a level playing field that transcended job titles and departments. Anyways, what’s a team bonding event without a little competition, right?

Needless to say the night was a success and everyone left with a reinvigorated energy and dedication to the AP team. It was a great reminder that there’s more to work than the job, it’s about the people and the connections and the camaraderie we build both inside and outside the office. These company events truly have a lasting impact that extends into our work life by creating a more collaborative, cohesive, and motivated team of employees across all departments. 

We’re excited for more team events like our upcoming holiday party and more where we have the opportunity to make deeper connections with each other and strengthen the bonds that serve as the foundation of our company. Thank you to everyone who came out for the bowling event, we can’t wait for the next one!

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