October 30, 2023

Walking towards Wellness: Advertise Purple Celebrates the Winners of October’s Fitness Challenge at the LA Kings Game

Recently Advertise Purple has been on our game when it comes to fitness. Coming off of the summer and our teams’ fitness challenges, this fall we switched gears and did individual competitions. The terms were simple, reach 300,000 steps in a month and you win. But when you think about it, hitting 10K steps every day for a month is actually a very impressive feat. Especially when we’re in the office, sitting down at our computers most of the day, the hours slip away and the will to work out starts to fade. Our latest fitness challenge aimed to encourage healthy habits and even though it was every person for themselves, new friendships were forged over walks to Starbucks and Ralphs. The 300K hard challenge was a resounding success, culminating in an unforgettable celebration at an LA Kings game this past week. The challenge was simple yet impactful: walk 300,000 steps in a month. Little did we know that it would bring our team together in ways we hadn’t imagined.


The challenge kicked off with enthusiasm and determination. People from every department joined in, lacing up their walking shoes, syncing their fitness trackers, and hitting the pavement. With every step, we were not only getting closer to our individual goals but also building a stronger sense of community within the company. On days in the office, people formed new walking buddies to grab a coffee or take the office dogs for a walk around the block at lunch, bonding over shared interests and shared fitness.

As October went on, members of the AP team surpassed the 300,000-step goal with incredible stamina. The friendly competition spurred everyone on, creating a supportive environment where everyone cheered for each other’s achievements. Some individuals went above and beyond, exceeding the target by significant margins. Their dedication and hard work were truly inspiring.

To honor the achievements of those who completed the challenge, Advertise Purple treated them to an unforgettable experience: a night at the Staples Center to watch the LA Kings in action. The excitement was palpable as we gathered in our reserved 18-person suite, overlooking the tight game below. Surrounded by the energy of the crowd and exhilaration of our team we thoroughly enjoyed not just the game but also each other’s company – and the snack bar 😉


The evening was more than just a celebration; it was an opportunity for our team to relax, unwind, and strengthen the friendships that make Advertise Purple more than a company but a family. We’re so thankful to be able to put on events like these to celebrate the collective achievements of our team members and encourage deeper bonding outside the office walls. The 300K challenge and celebration at the LA Kings game not only encouraged healthy habits but also reinforced the values of unity, determination, and support that define our company culture. We are immensely proud of our team and are excited to embark on future challenges together, knowing that we can achieve anything when we work together.

At Advertise Purple, we don’t just walk towards wellness; we stride confidently, creating a brighter and healthier future for us all. Here’s to many more steps, challenges, and celebrations with the team at AP!

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