September 16, 2023

Our team takes on thought-provoking discussions and beachfront networking at CJU 2023

This past week a few lucky members of our team got to drive up the coast on PCH from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara to attend one of our favorite events of the year – CJU. For the last four years, Commission Junction University has provided a space for the Advertise Purple team to connect with our partners and forge new relationships with up and coming affiliates for our clients. CJ is one of the leading affiliate networks, bringing together over a hundred thousand of the top performing publishers and thousands of today’s leading advertisers, their conference isn’t one you want to miss! For our team, CJU isn’t just like any other conference; it’s a yearly reminder to continue immersing ourselves in the ever-expanding world of affiliate marketing, connect with peers, and take every chance we have to learn from those around us – and this year there were several opportunities to take in new ideas from inspiring leaders in the affiliate industry.

Since Commission Junction is such a large network, the convention is renowned for its lineup of keynote speakers each year. These individuals who share their expertise and insights offer us attendees a glimpse into the future of our industry. This year was no exception, with a roster of thought provoking speakers delivering presentations that left a lasting impact on our team. 

New York Times bestseller of “Eat, Pray, Love”, Elizabeth Gilbert, kicked off the week with an inspiring talk about tapping into our inner creativity by seizing the opportunities put in front of us and unlocking the mysterious power of curiosity in solving nuanced challenges and making innovative decisions. CJ also had several of their own keynote sessions about hot topics in affiliate right now like B2B marketing, comprehensive coupon strategies, and using AI to detect and eliminate fraud in affiliate programs, just to name a few that caught our eye between networking sessions and meetings with partners. 

Becca, our head of content partnerships and one of our team members in attendance this year, gave her two cents about why we keep going back. “CJU is definitely our favorite conference for networking. They put on a ton of events, so it’s great for relationship building with our affiliates and is held right before Q4 starts, giving us a good look into what our partners are planning for the busiest quarter in affiliate marketing.” The event’s structured networking sessions, casual gatherings, and interactive workshops create an environment where meaningful partnerships can flourish. For Advertise Purple, these connections are not just beneficial; they are instrumental in our continued success.

CJU always falls at the end of summer as the tide turns from Q3 to Q4, a crucial time of the year for affiliate marketing with brands. This gives us the perfect opportunity to strategize with our partners who attend and get ahead of the game with negotiations for promotional packages for our clients. What we love most about attending CJU is that every time we’re on our way back to Santa Monica, we have a clear picture of what our next steps are for securing the best placements for our clients and feel more confident in our strategies moving into the last and most important quarter of the year. 

So as everyone gets geared up for the final quarter, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our takeaways from this year’s conference and apply what we’ve learned to our workflows and affiliate marketing efforts to bring even more value to our clients in the months ahead. We’re thankful for the chance to connect, learn, and prepare for the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the affiliate marketing channel. The insights gained and relationships made at CJU will undoubtedly fuel our success as we enter the busiest quarter in affiliate marketing. We look forward to applying these learnings and continuing to deliver outstanding results for our clients and partners.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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