December 4, 2020

Causes We Love: Advertise Purple Raises $1,520 For ‘Allies For Every Child’

2020 is nearing its end, and if you ask me, it can not come soon enough.

Here at Advertise Purple, we’ve prioritized philanthropy throughout the entirety of the pandemic because we understand the privilege we have of being less impacted than some of the less fortunate people in our community.

We’re not a charity organization, but we do feel a core tenet of our business philosophy is remaining connected to our community and servicing it, because we know how much we owe those around us for our success.

We don’t take it lightly that we are in a position of privilege, growing a business and being able to onboard new hires in such a difficult time. Therefore, we’ve been very active philanthropically since the inception of our business, and even more so recently.

That has meant assisting with general COVID-19 relief, donating to help those impacted by homelessness, donating to those on the front lines, and now around the holidays working with Allies For Every Child, a cause we worked with last year and were able to virtually collaborate with again in 2020.

Last year, representatives from Allies For Every Child came to our offices and facilitated a toy drive, which was a really fun way to kick off the holiday season. Our team was able to pile up a bunch of toys in the office kitchen, which made for a festive start to the December fun.

Of course, this year, with the Coronavirus surge, Christmas and the holidays might look a little different. Certainly, the presentation by the Allies for Every Child team did, taking place over Zoom where we couldn’t all enjoy each other’s presence.

The same women who came into the office in 2019, this year had to deliver their rundown of what they were up to virtually. It wasn’t quite the same, but it’s become typical in 2020 to improvise whenever you can.

Just because we couldn’t gather together shouldn’t mean that we don’t do our absolute best to make what is supposed to be a joyful time for so many at least somewhat magical. Especially our community’s young people here in LA.

And we truly believe by donating $1,520, our staff will help brighten some of our community’s children’s holidays in spite of it being such a rough year.

Allies for Every Child serves low income families throughout L.A. County through their high-quality early education programs, family strengthening interventions, foster care and adoption services, as well as integrated services such as disability screenings and pediatric health consultations.

These resources are important in regular times, but as you probably don’t need to be reminded, these times are far from normal. Therefore, Allies For Every Child has even been able to innovate in the times of lockdowns and social distancing.

For example, their Winter Festival COVID-friendly drive-thru is specifically geared towards building social connections and ensuring that every child receives a present for the holiday season.

As adults, not being able to see loved ones and having to play it relatively safe as vaccine-distribution is being finalized is hard enough. But to imagine how that must be for young children is really difficult.

Per the Allies For Every Child website, “During this critical time, Allies is committed to continuing our child-focused programming while also providing meals, diapers, and other urgent essentials to families across Los Angeles. Your support is needed now more than ever.”

Please go to to donate. Any amount is helpful, so don’t feel the need to break the bank. For folks who are interested in volunteering with Allies for Every Child, please email their team at [email protected].

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