March 27, 2020

Advertise Purple Partners With Lysol and the CDC to Assist Those on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Crisis

Here at Ad Purp, we understand the value of community. 

Whether that’s our client base, who we care deeply about, our colleagues who we spend every day with (except, not right now of course), our trusted partners, our local community in Santa Monica, and our fellow citizens of the United States and world, we know that we are stronger together than alone.

Because this rings true now more than ever, we decided to Combat Coronavirus, with the help of Lysol and the CDC. By encouraging our staff to donate, Lysol matching our donation, and our President Kyle Mitnick generously doubling that total, we’ve been able to raise $5,380 for those in the medical field on the front lines of this fight.

Kyle had the following to say about the current situation and how we’ve responded: “It’s our world and our responsibility. The health & well-being of the community around us is paramount to our future, and although we may not be able to control the ultimate outcome here, we can damn sure try.”

The speediness and generosity with which our staff sprung into action when we asked for donations honestly inspired me. The donation entry field allows for the option to leave a note. 

While some donated without leaving one, here are a few words from those who did which really reflected how much fight this company (and really the whole world) still has left in us. 

Sure we’ve seemingly been sucker-punched and knocked down as a society, but we still had the following messages of hope that I’ll leave you with:

“Because we’re all in this together.”

“Stay strong.”

“thankful and inspired to be a part of such a generous and proactive team!”

“We will pull through this stronger than ever!”

“This is a really crazy time for a lot of people. Happy to help in any way.”

“With love <3”

“To those of us who need attention and care during these tough times.”

“We will all get through this together!”

“wash your hands :)”

“Anything to get us one step closer to being back together”

“So thankful for those on the front line :)”

“Tomorrow is never promised which is why we must help today.”

“Thank you for doing this!”

“Go AP & CDC!!!”

“Thank you to the healthcare heroes and those on the front lines!”

We encourage you to donate as well. While most of us are fighting to keep even a shred of normalcy right now in our personal lives, some of these medical professionals are literally risking their lives because of this virus.

Let’s all do our part to at least think about and pray for them. And together, we’ll come out of this thing more united and humanity will learn again how to come back together.

Lastly, please socially distance yourself from others, pay attention to what the government wants you to do, and do your part. Lives are depending on it.

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