January 31, 2022

Advertise Purple’s International Team Delivers Sales World-Wide

At Advertise Purple…we like to think big.

Big, like the billions of dollars worth of sales we’ve overseen in the last decade. Big like the thousands of high-performing affiliates we partner with. Big, like the record we set in 2021 for revenue generated and big like our expectations that 2022 will be even better.

But after achieving so much success, we had one important thought: let’s think bigger.

That’s why we launched Advertise Purple’s International Team. A division within our agency dedicated to connecting our clients with affiliates across the globe.

Executive Director of Global Account Management Venice G. explains why she thought it was important to expand our reach around the world.

“We saw huge potential in international markets and knew that branching out into global account management with a dedicated international team would add a massive amount of value for us as an agency. We can now cater to a wide range of new clients, learn and gather data insights on international markets across the globe, and most importantly, add value for our existing clients who are looking to target international audiences.”

And even though we started the team just two years ago, we’ve already seen significant success delivering sales through our overseas partners.

Year-over-year revenue generated by our international team increased by 81.6% in 2021, and YoY clicks are up by an astounding 265%. And while that’s definitely not a bad start, it’s still not big enough.

“Australia and New Zealand is actually our biggest market right now in terms of revenue,” says Max T, our director of international accounts. “However, we have the most active partners in the UK and we’ve seen a lot of growth last year in the EU. France, Sweden and Germany are specific countries that we’re focused on now and we expect to see real growth there.”

And while we’re happy with the success we’ve had so far, Max sees even bigger things ahead for 2022.

“For emerging markets, we’re really focused on China. There’s obviously incredible value there and we’re connecting with a lot of Chinese-based affiliates that work exclusively with US brands. We’re also focused on East Asia as well, particularly Japan and South Korea because the buying potential there is tremendous. South America is another big one and we’ve just started to reach out to Mexico.”

The simple truth is that the global market is just too large for any brand to ignore. According to Statista, the Japanese affiliate market alone is projected to be worth $4.5 billion by 2023.

Building relationships with foreign affiliates is a unique challenge, and forging strong bonds requires doing more than just running our pitch through Google translate.

Our international account managers have to leverage language skills, cultural knowledge and an understanding of best e-commerce practices in dozens of different countries in order to connect with high-performing overseas partners.

“It takes real attention to detail to get these deals done. You almost have to be a diplomat to win people’s trust and respect so that you can create the conditions that will make them want to work with you.”

And while the team is willing to take meetings and make calls at any hour, they also don’t hesitate to rack up frequent flyer miles if that’s what it takes to close the deal.

In February, they’ll be headed to Dubai for the Affiliate World Conference, and they plan to be at summits around the world in order to make the kinds of personal connections that are invaluable in the world of affiliate marketing.

Working with global affiliates means doing more than just placing your product on a foreign website. It requires an ability to deliver content in dozens of languages, an understanding of when customers in different countries are most likely to buy specific products and what kinds of deals they respond to.

It’s not easy, but Max is confident that it won’t take long for our clients to appreciate the increased sales that his team can deliver.

“We’ve already had tremendous success, and we’re growing rapidly. We expect to significantly increase our global market penetration in 2022 in ways that will deliver real value for our clients. Ultimately, I think that we’ll be able to achieve a level of global service that no other agency will be able to match.”

Unless your company already has an international sales team in place, launching an affiliate campaign through Advertise Purple is probably the most cost-effective way to connect your brand with customers all over the world. And because you’re still operating on the same pay-for-performance model that you have with domestic affiliates, you’re not taking a huge risk by connecting with foreign affiliate networks.

And if you’re still not sure about overseas sales, we get it. From language barriers to import duties, it can be intimidating to think of the work it will take to sell your product into a foreign market. That’s why from content creation to language skills to network management, our team has done most of that work for you.

So, if you want to have success selling your product around the world, all you really have to do is think bigger and connect with Advertise Purple.


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