January 6, 2022

Advertise Purple’s International Partnership Team Heads to Affiliate World Conference in Dubai

Between travel bans, quarantines and vaccine requirements, it’s not easy to leave a foreign country these days. Fortunately, the same isn’t true for foreign money.

Whether it’s dollars, euros, pounds or yen, Advertise Purple’s international team is built to deliver sales all over the world. In just two short years, we went from having a limited global presence to establishing partnerships with hundreds of non-US-based affiliates and have opened up markets around the planet for our clients.

Our team has already delivered more than $124 million in affiliate sales across six continents, and we’ve only begun our global growth.

But building out a worldwide presence takes more than making a few long-distance zoom calls. It requires a relentless drive, focus and an ability to connect with marketers from all over the globe.

That’s why we’re flying the leaders of our International Partnership Team over 8,000 miles to participate in the Affiliate World Conference in Dubai this February.

This conference is one of the largest for affiliate marketers in the world and will allow our team to continue to build and strengthen our international business by connecting with hundreds of new international marketers, affiliate networks and traffic sources.

“Affiliate World Dubai is going to allow our team to expand our current relationships with top affiliates, as well as explore new and exciting opportunities with affiliates around the globe,” says our Director of International Account Management, Max T. “As our team continues to grow, so does our scope and expansion into new and emerging markets, so we are excited to be able to present who we are to the affiliate world at large!” 

We’ve done our best to stay connected internationally during Covid, but there is no substitute for the kind of face-to-face interaction that our team will experience at the conference and we expect our in-person presence there to deliver big wins both for us and our clients.

And remember, international money doesn’t need a passport to flow into your wallet. It just needs AdPurp’s international team to deliver.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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