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June 15, 2021

Choosing the Right Affiliate Program in 4 Steps

Are you looking to earn more income from your established blog, social media platform, or website? Affiliate marketing might be your solution.

By promoting a product to your audience on behalf of a vendor, you can earn a commission. Each time one of your readers buys a promoted product through your platform, you get financially rewarded.

While it is a relatively simple concept, not all programs generate the same amount of income or help your brand to the same degree. Indeed, a deal with a faulty vendor can hurt your reputation.

To help maximize the benefits and avoid the negatives, here is a guide to choosing the right affiliate program!

Step 1: Identify Your Brand’s Demographic and Niche

To get a meaningful commission, you have to choose products that your followers are interested in and want to buy. The basic rule of affiliate marketing is that your promotions act as a referral, but if you choose products that your followers have no interest in, you’ve just violated their trust.

For example, readers of a travel blog are probably not very concerned with a new toolbox set, but they would likely purchase a recommended piece of luggage or fly with your favorite airliner.

Start by thinking about the topics, ideas, and values presented on your platform. Consider both specific details and the big picture. Then make a list of keywords that can describe your audience. Remember that your readers have some degree of likeness to you, but they are still individuals with differences, so be sure to think beyond just yourself in this step.

You will want to put a lot of effort into this phase of the process. It is the most crucial part of choosing the right affiliate.

Step 2: Research Programs for Your Audience

There are two main ways to find programs for online advertising. The first way is to search for programs for products you already use and love. This method is ideal because you already know the products work well. Search for ‘product name and affiliate program.’ Remember to make sure the goods are relevant to your demographic.

The second way is to browse program networks for goods you want to try or that your audience may like. This option can be expensive, though, because you will have to purchase and test each new product to protect your brand’s reputation. Advertising a faulty product can result in a backlash.

Step 3: Narrow Down the Programs

There are doubtlessly numerous suitable programs for your platform, but not all of them provide the same benefits. Beyond that, you do not want to have too many advertising programs concurrently, as it could take away from your regular content.

When choosing the right affiliate program, you will want to consider every factor of the deal. Vendor reputation and payout frequency are two of the most important aspects, but there are others as well.


Check the reviews from customers and other affiliates to get a grasp of how respected the vendor is. You want to ensure that you, as an affiliate, and your customers will receive appropriate treatment. Remember that when sponsoring a company, you are showing support for the way they operate, not just their products.


The best programs have a clear and regular payout schedule. The process to collect your earnings should be simple and maybe even automatic. Look for established and attainable benchmarks. A $500 payout benchmark is not a great idea if you only make $10 per sale.

Step 4: Reach Out to their Point of Contact

Once you are confident with a particular program, reach out to the company. Let them know you are interested in advertising their products. Many vendors have contact information specifically for new affiliates on their websites. If that is not the case, send an email or call using the general information.

Be sure to come across professionally and showcase how influential your platform is. Vendors are looking for the same qualities in you as you are looking for in them.

To Sum Up Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

There is no shortage of companies offering affiliate programs, but not all of them will be of much value to you. However, following this guide will help weed out the unsatisfactory programs and get you on your way to earning commissions.

Remember that choosing the right affiliate program is only the start. Strong affiliate management skills are essential to earning a steady income from this line of work. We recommend continually looking for new opportunities and maintaining consistent communication with your vendors.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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