November 3, 2021

Advertise Purple Rolls Out New Family Friendly Flextime Policy

Admit it, you got used to it. Rolling out of bed five minutes before the first staff meeting and dropping into the Zoom dressed in a work shirt and your comfiest pajama pants.

Working from home had its ups and downs, but from saving money on gas to doing laundry between meetings, it delivered a lot of unexpected but much-appreciated benefits. 

But there was one group who found it particularly useful – working parents. Balancing work and family is always a struggle, but many parents found they enjoyed the additional time they were able to spend with their children and they valued the opportunity to be more involved in their lives by working from home.

That’s why as we (hopefully) are turning the corner on (please be true) COVID, Advertise Purple has decided to introduce a new hybrid work model for our employees. Beginning in February 2022 (probably) all AdPurp employees will have the option to work three days a week from home and two days a week in the office. Additionally, we’ll continue our tradition of Summer Fridays from January to October. 

Advertise Purple Human Resource Manager Dee C. believes that this is exactly the kind of policy that working families need in 2021. 

“During COVID, many women, including myself, had to choose between supporting our families at home and going back to work. Now that our kids are finally going back to school, we as parents want more from our jobs, including the freedom to be there for our families. At Advertise Purple, we believe that it is possible to excel as professionals and still be present in our children’s lives, and our new hybrid policy reflects that belief. 


As much as we may have enjoyed skipping our commutes and working from our beds, there are still significant benefits to coming into the office. Getting actual face time with your colleagues is better than digital meet-ups, and the natural collaboration that comes from seeing our coworkers in person can produce real innovation. That’s why we’re not going to give up on our office space entirely. 

Our hybrid model seeks to offer the best of both worlds and give our employees the opportunity to take care of their jobs and themselves.

And for those addicted to free office coffee and unlimited copier use, coming in five days a week is always an option. But for those who enjoyed the freedom of WFH life, we hear you and with our new hybrid model, we’re here for you.

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