June 17, 2021

To All the Dads That Make a Difference

Whether they’re accountants, grocery store clerks, marketing directors, bloggers, lion tamers, doctors, or CEOs, there’s one title that always presides, and that’s dad. 

They give us words of encouragement when we’re down, teach us how to ride bikes, pick us up when we fall, fix any and everything we break, and cook the best spicy pork chops. When we’re kids, it seemed like there was nothing that they couldn’t do and as adults, not a lot has changed. Dads are just another breed of superhero and their capes aren’t trailing far behind them. 

Well, at least that’s how I saw mine. I have two dads that never ceased and still never cease to amaze me. They handmade books for me as a kid, gave me my first important life talks, taught me how to drive, fed my young imagination, and wrote me graduation letters that could even make a stranger cry. 

Dads are awesome, that’s all I’m saying. Truth be told, like moms, dads deserve a little more than just one calendar-sanctioned holiday and day of celebration. Be that as it may, we’re still going to make the most of the day and give a big shoutout to all the dads that make a difference. Let’s start by chatting with some of my teammates about their dads, why they rock, and why they’re so appreciated. Ready?

What’s the most memorable or funny moment you’ve ever had with your dad?

Venice G: One of the most memorable moments was when my dad and I were exploring Venice, Italy in the rain back when I was 10 years old. Even though it was pouring out, that didn’t stop us from exploring, and we ate gelato together sitting under the Basilica in St. Mark’s Square! Gelato is the best when it is cold and rainy!

Manny S: One of the many most memorable moments I have had with my dad was when we used to race at any time and any place. Whenever he or I would say “ want to race?” we would take off sprinting in the same direction. That is definitely something I look back fondly on.

Tim M: It may not be a moment, but my brother, my dad, and I have made a tradition to go to Baseball Spring Training in Arizona every other year.  Since we are all adults and not living under the same roof, the road trip with the dudes is a great time to catch up.  The older we get, it is so nice to still be able to have these times and I will cherish these adventures forever.

What about your dad and all dads are you most grateful for? 

Venice G: My dad is supportive, patient, and kind, and I am so grateful for all of the love and support my parents have given me over the years.

Manny S: Through his actions, he taught me how to be grateful for what we had and, more importantly, to always chase your dreams. He was a musician touring the world in the 80s and 90s in Venezuela and gave it all up to move to the states.

Tim M: The vast knowledge that my pops has; I feel like I am able to ask him anything and I will never be judged by any question or action.  So, I am grateful for the rock that he is and I hope I share the wisdom half as well as he has.

What’s something that you’ve picked up from your dad over the years that’s still a part of who you are or how you go about your life today? 

Venice G: My dad and mom are both very globally focused in their work – they do business internationally, travel for markets around the world, and have a love of international cultures, languages, and cuisine. From a very young age, I accompanied them to International Film Markets around the world and learned about what they do. They taught me all about international business, hard work, and international negotiations, and they inspired me to learn foreign languages and work internationally as well. My dad is Head of International where he works, and now I am Director of International Account Management here at Advertise Purple! I’ve unintentionally followed in his footsteps, and I have the continuous education and support from my parents to thank. Thank you for everything – Happy Father’s Day!

Manny S: I picked up my sense of humor from my dad. I love laughing and making other people laugh, and I think that is a big part of who I am today.

Tim M: Friendships are like plants, if you don’t water them, they die.  A bit dark I guess, but it has allowed me to have a great “garden” of friends, that are pretty much family, and they keep me sane and in line.  Thanks, Pops!!!


Thank you to Venice, Manny, and Tim for sharing those memories they’ve had with their dads! 

As we approach Father’s Day celebrations this weekend, let’s all remember the big and small moments we’ve had with ours. To all the dads that show up, band-aid our injuries, share jokes with us, and rock the barbecue, we appreciate you. Happy Father’s Day to you!

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