March 24, 2022

Advertise Purple Named a Fastest Growing Company by Inc. for the Third Year in a Row

By Alex Cramer

If you see us desk dancing and bottle poppin’ in the AdPurp offices, its because in the immortal words of Diddy “I thought I told you that we won’t stop, I thought I told you we won’t stop.”

We are thrilled to announce that Advertise Purple has once again been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. This is the third consecutive year that we’ve been named to this prestigious list. For 2021, we were ranked 58th compared to all companies in the Pacific region but were 3rd when compared to just other advertising companies.

The honor is particularly impressive because we’re not exactly a new company that just opened our doors and went on a hiring spree. We’re entering our 12th year in business (our Bar Mitzvah is going to be banging), so while we are in many respects a mature company, the fact that we’ve appeared on this list year after year shows that we still have so much growth and value to tap into.

And what’s more impressive, is that we’ve done this entirely on our own, without VC money, investor cash or any other outside funds, other than what we’ve earned as a team. That’s also probably why this is still a pretty fun place to work, because our only shareholder, Kyle, our boss, founder and fearless leader wants it to be that way.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team,” Kyle says.  “I am in awe of our ability to perform at such a high level for so long. Earning this prestigious award from Inc. for a third consecutive year makes the investment well worth it. Although, the truth is, growth sucks. Recipients of this award rarely talk about the constant discomfort, long nights, and therapy sessions required to sustain growth at this scale, but I believe it’s worth addressing. The companies who have made this list are just like us; customer service and progress are on their minds when they wake up and go to sleep. But company mantras and mission statements can only take you so far. The rest of the journey is connected through blood, sweat, tears, and unbridled persistence. Thank you to our employees, customers, and Inc. for the recognition; we’ll continue to apply the same effort toward our service as we did ten years ago.”

And while every word of what Kyle just said is true, I’ll add my own observation as a humble blog writer. Advertise Purple is a good place to be an employee. The growth and innovation that we get to be a part of every day is exciting and our leadership hasn’t lost sight of how important it is to keep our team growing and motivated.

From leadership classes to Dodger games to movie nights, there’s a lot to look forward to when we show up for work each day and the success that we’ve been able to consistently deliver for our clients ( almost $3 billion in sales in just over a decade) is a direct result of the passion, dedication and sense of purpose that we bring to work every day.

So here’s to one more year on the Inc. list and knowing that once we’re done celebrating, we’ll be getting back to the real work of delivering wins for our clients.

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