January 3, 2022

Advertise Purple Doubles Down on Leadership Success

At Advertise Purple, we’re not just bragging when we say that we’re good at what we do. Our rapid growth and our inclusion on the Inc 5000 list of top private companies, speaks to our success as a company.

But we’re also humble enough to know that we can always do better, grow more and learn how to be stronger leaders for our employees and our clients.

That’s why we launched a new management training program led by Dr. Christopher Bresnahan, a professor from USC’s Marshall School of Business. The four-week intensive course focuses on leadership, problem-solving and communication skills and is designed to help all of our managers, from the junior level to our C-suite executives, become more effective team leaders.

The curriculum includes books such as On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis and delves into topics such as how to have difficult but constructive conversations with employees and how we can work together to create a positive company culture.

Executive Director of Global Account Management, Venice Gell participated in the program, and she believes it was beneficial for managers at every level. “We’ve had a lot of change in our company in the past year and this is a great way to develop our managers and to make sure that they all have the skills to resolve conflicts and effectively lead their teams. Taking the class together helps us all start on a level footing in terms of experience and training and I think it created a stronger leadership team.”

Venice also gets to another important point. More than the individual skills that were learned, classes like this help to align our managers and create a unified company culture so that we can establish a singular definition for what leadership means at Advertise Purple.

One of our strengths as a company is that no matter how well we’re doing, we know that there’s always room to get better and to deliver more for our clients. That’s why by investing in our own growth, we’re also investing in yours.



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