December 16, 2021

AdPurp Case Study: How we Delivered a Massive Sales Increase for our Client

You’ve got a hot product and you want to work with an affiliate marketing agency, but you’re still not sure who can actually drive sales, and who just built a slick website with nothing to back it up.

Maybe you’ve talked to one of our reps or read reviews about us online. You’re interested, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on starting a campaign. It’s ok. We’ve seen it before. You’re AdPurp curious but not ready to commit.

So let’s go beyond marketing pitches and internet hype and look at a case study of an actual AdPurp client that proves how our team is able to deliver the results you need.

This particular client sells in the apparel & fashion vertical and we’ve worked with them for the last nine months.

In the nine months before starting with AdPurp they did…ok. Their product earned 4,794 clicks, had a conversion rate of 15% and made $85,573 in revenue. Solid numbers if you’re running a lemonade stand, but not fantastic if you want a viable business.

Then they signed up with us, and to use a technical term, we absolutely killed it. In the nine months since they’ve been clients, we delivered on 198,114 clicks, boosted their conversion rate to 22.3% and drove $5,343,144 of sales revenue.

If you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s a 6,144% increase in revenue and a 4,032% increase in clicks in less than a year.


Unless they also bought bitcoin in 2008, their relationship with Advertise Purple is probably the best investment they’ve ever made.

Our ace account director, Bisma A, elaborates on how we were able to drive such a dramatic increase in sales for our clients.

“Our strategy for this client was to expose them to a diversified portfolio of affiliates. In order to maximize your ROI in the space, your affiliate program should have a mix of shopping, loyalty/cashback, content, technology, search, and sub-affiliates in your program and we did exactly that.”

And that’s only the first step of your brand’s journey with Advertise Purple. As we process your sales data we’re able to further customize our strategies for your brand.

“For every affiliate we onboard, we make sure to not only accept their applications into the program, but we also activate them by providing the affiliates the right tools to be able to promote the brand effectively, whether it be creative assets or vanity codes. After seeing the effectiveness of their performance, our team strategizes on which affiliate partners we’d like to optimize with.”

Your business is more than just a way to make money. It’s something you’ve put your money, time, passion and hope into. So when it comes to picking the best marketing agency, you shouldn’t have to guess who the best is, you should know it.

That’s why we’re sharing these numbers. So you can know with confidence, that when we say we deliver, we mean it.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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