August 20, 2021

AdPurp Named 50th Fastest-Growing Advertising Company in the U.S. for 2021 and 4x Award Recipient

Wow, what a year. What a last two years. The highs and lows of this roller coaster have Magic Mountain looking over their shoulder.  

But today, we celebrate a win—a big one.  

A win that keeps us in a league of our own among the growing sea of affiliate management agencies and technology. So how did we do it? How have we far surpassed our peers and market expectations? Well, like the last year and a half, that answer is a bit complicated.

To put it simply, the business world since COVID began is, hmmm, how shall we put this; unpredictable? Frankly, it was very unpredictable. From retail stores closing down, then opening, then closing down, to government funding issued to suffering (and some not so-suffering) businesses, to issues with inventory and microchips, and to, well, the list could continue for five pages.  

The bottom line is, our goal during this time was to find consistency.  And to understand this, we needed to strip down the basics of our agency, reexamine its value, then reassemble it to hyper-focus on our core strength and mission: delivering unparalleled customer growth through affiliate.

After spending time under the hood, we realized a doubling-down on our technology investments would centralize IP strategy, expedite customer growth, and reduce guesswork for success. Beefing up our managerial infrastructure would be imperative for training, strategic direction, and customer service. Finally, rethinking the way we interact with employees to improve work-life balance.

And what was the result of these changes? A 4th consecutive year on the most competitive, prestigious business list in the world.  

According to our president, Kyle Mitnick, “What an honor to earn this award for the 4th consecutive year. Reflecting on how we achieved this, the answer is the same as when we earned our first nomination in 2018: client service.  Our ethos is a perpetual desire to deliver a superior experience and results for clients and employees. This philosophy translated to the creation of revolutionary technology, leadership infrastructure, and customer service. I want to thank our employees, our customers, and our community for enabling us to achieve this spectacular goal for a 4th consecutive year.”

Thank you, AdPurp crew, and thank you Ad Purp customers; we will continue to grow the team and company in the expected fashion!


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