September 15, 2020

Honey & Advertise Purple Guide Clients Out of COVID-19 Trouble – Case Study

Link to full Advertise Purple and Honey collaborative case study

March 2020 was a shocking and difficult time for many. Regardless of whether your job security was threatened or taken away, you were a business owner, you or a family member was sick, or you were affected in some other unimaginable way, it was a month to forget.

To say that this year has served up challenging situations is a clear understatement. In the world of closed brick and mortar shops, stay-at-home quarantine orders, no end in sight, and mass confusion and hysteria, there was a lot to be concerned about – especially, for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

That said, two companies — Honey and Advertise Purple — found themselves in a position to help many merchants, large and small, take control of their own destiny in response to a global pandemic and economic turmoil.

According to our President, Kyle Mitnick; “Honey has been a close partner of ours for many years, long before the PayPal acquisition.  And the post COVID world gave our organizations a unique opportunity to collaborate on something we’ve seen eye to eye on since the beginning: brand growth.  We worked closely to customize campaigns, establish a foothold for consistent conversion growth in a rapidly changing environment, and most importantly, garner some spectacular results in one of the most trying economic times in recent memory.”

In April 2020, the month immediately after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus spread a global pandemic, long time partners Honey and Advertise Purple doubled down on the affiliate channel’s effectiveness. They did so even when things seemed bleak.

The results spoke for themselves.

In April, Honey and Advertise Purple clients (on aggregate) combined for 73% YoY and 52% MoM revenue growth. Orders increased 82% YoY and 63% MoM, while traffic in the form of clicks also increased.

This growth for our collective partners went on through the subsequent months, and we’ve seen even more success together than ever before, at a time when it was needed most to help businesses carry on in some kind of normal way. Even as every ad on TV reminded us we were in a “new normal”.

We believe that this new reliance upon the affiliate channel will continue on even once the coronavirus is long gone. And Honey and Advertise Purple will continue to to collaborate with one another in order to help brands guide internet shoppers to convert sales.

Again, if you’re interested in more information in the form of a case study that goes into further detail, please click here.

Thank you!

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