January 15, 2020

Some of the Hottest New Affiliates to Look Out For in 2020. Can They Live Up to the Hype? (Part 2)

Monday, we highlighted four of the newest and most innovative affiliates that we work with here at Advertise Purple. Today, I’d like to expand upon our list. However, again, I’d like to reiterate that if we were to give away all of the fantastic affiliates we work with it’d involve writing thousands of articles and unfortunately we’d probably need you to fork over some cash (sorry).

That being said, consider these as a sneak peek at some of the best and most unique ways to attract and engage customers at various points of the shopping journey. 

From cart abandonment to user-generated content, these methods for creating more revenue opportunities are some of the most compelling we’ve seen this year.

Also, a reminder that all of the affiliates mentioned below check off the boxes for all of the following criteria that we look for in affiliates. Among many other things, here’s what we look at to assess the viability of an affiliate:

  1. Do they drive unique traffic?
  2. Are they scalable?
  3. Has the affiliate performed well for other clients?
  4. Can they provide case studies from past work with brands that show their success?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Oculizm advertises your products with user-generated content from your customers 

You’re selling a great hoodie. People love the hoodie and post amazing photos of themselves wearing it around town. How can you monetize this kind of guerrilla marketing? Easy. 

Oculizm is a conversion tool, which enables brands to harness user-generated content by collecting social media posts that have been tagged or mentioned by consumers. They then create a “shop the look” consumer gallery on your website.

Why go out and start an expensive ad campaign when your own customers can do it for you? Brilliant way to weaponize your best resource: your clientele. 

Shoptagr gamifies shopping and makes searching for deals easy, fun, and intuitive

ShopTagr is a browser extension that makes shopping simple and fun again. 

Free to download, ShopTagr provides users with a “button” that when clicked, watches the price and availability for the consumer so they don’t have to keep an eye on it. ShopTagr functions on the following premises: shop your favorite stores, never miss sales, and save time and stay organized. ShopTagr also notifies the user when it is able to locate coupons. When the user is checking out, ShopTagr will automatically apply the best active coupon code.

Once you’re a member on the site, Shoptagr members can tag (save) items for future purchase and receive push notifications when the items are low on stock, returned to stock, or have a price change. This ensures that the items are kept top-of-mind for the Shoptagr members.

Work that previously fell upon the shoulders of the shopper is taken over automatically and the result is money saved and products sold.

NMPi takes SEM to the next level and does so affordably

Think you already have a good strategy in place with Google search and ad words? Well, have you considered outsourcing that work to NMPi?

NMPi works with Google’s Shopping Feed and bids on keywords that correlate with your products and populates your data feed based on these keywords. NMPi will pay for all CPC costs to Google and works on a CPA basis directly through the network. They also have the capability to run Ad Words and Display campaigns.

That CPA element is one of the key differentiators for a resource of this kind. It’s much more affordable and less risky to work with these self-proclaimed ‘Performance Marketing Specialists’ who know the SEM space inside and out. We’ll see whether or not they sustain their popularity as we progress into the new year.

UpSellIt focuses on abandonment and re-engaging users based on 15 years of e-commerce data

UpSellit offers a la carte email retargeting, lead capture, and targeted tactic strategies, focused on reversing abandonment during the shopping experience.

According to their own website, “UpSellit designs, develops and optimizes personalized conversion experiences that increase online profitability for the web’s largest brands.” 

A common complaint we’ve had from some of the brands we work with is that there seems to be no need for more of the same. It can be tricky not to overlap programs that are designed essentially to do the same thing. That’s where this a la carte feature comes in. You can only pay for the strategies you’d like to use, and leave others where they are.

Interested in learning more about affiliate marketing? Give us a buzz, we’d love to hear from you!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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