January 13, 2020

Some of the Hottest New Affiliates to Look Out For in 2020. Can They Live Up to the Hype? (Part 1)

Coming off the heels of PayPal’s massive $4 billion acquisition of Honey in November of last year, the e-commerce microscope is justifiably aimed squarely at affiliate as we head into the next decade. CNN has even responded, getting in on the action, with their newest initiative CNN Coupons

It’s great to see, but beyond more basic coupon and rewards programs that are certainly still as effective as ever, our expert team here at Advertise Purple has been seeing some really unique and innovative ways that affiliates are reaching and ultimately benefiting customers.

People always ask us who the best and biggest affiliates are to work with. It’s a tough question, because it depends on the account. However, here is some basic framework that kind of shows how we assess the potential quality of a new affiliate:

  1. Do they drive unique traffic?
  2. Are they scalable?
  3. Has the affiliate performed well for other clients?
  4. Can they provide case studies from past work with brands that show their success?

Of course, it’s important to note that these are just a few of the affiliates we work with. There are literally thousands more that are also effective. In a later article, I will dive into some of those. 

But for now, feast your eyes on four cool new affiliates we’re sharing with our clients today.

Raise takes the loyalty and coupon model, but adds a little twist around gift cards

Have you ever had a $50 gift card to a store you’ve never set foot in once in your entire life? I think we all have.

Raise is an online gift card marketplace where you can sell gift cards for cash or buy discount gift cards to all your favorite brands. Their site has 1.2M monthly visits and 6M monthly page views. Founded in 2013, Raise has over 2M+ buyers and sellers on their platform and saved users $150M so far!

This is the kind of affiliate we love working with. Adding value in an intuitive way and helping a customer develop more spending power in the process is a nice touch. Working with globally recognizable brands as well as smaller ones, Raise has a great offering for a wide array of people with differing spending habits.

Miles tracks your daily commute, business, or vacation travel, rewarding you each step of the journey

Unless you’re one of those crazed lunatics without a smartphone in 2020 (respect), you are able to track your location and travel. You should be able to earn based on your movement, right?

Miles is the world’s first smartphone-based mileage rewards program for all forms of transportation! You can view Miles as a “frequent flyer program” for all forms of travel including daily commutes. Users rack up miles whether they travel by car, transit, ride-share, bike, walk/run, or even air. The greener the mode, the more miles they earn. Users can use these miles to unlock exclusive deals from top retailers including Ray-Ban, Zipcar, Audible, Cole Haan, Postmates, and more.

The cool thing about Miles is that it works for a business traveler, a city dweller, a long distance commuter, an Instagram travel blogger (goals), or even you! With a well designed app and website, it’s pretty easy to get started. 

Meredith and People Magazine are leveraging their large readership and platform to offer in-book exposure and companion coupon experiences

Everyone has heard of People Magazine. 

In exchange for a site-wide $X-off promo code that activates upon the publish date and agreeing to being a part of TM+ testing, Meredith and People Magazine are featuring something new called “People Perks” which includes valuable in-book exposure, along with a companion experience on (People readership is 36M).

For those of you unfamiliar, TM+ testing means Trademark bidding + other keywords. So they would start bidding on terms “Fine Art America Valentine’s Day Sales”, for instance if one was to be included in a February issue.

Normally, a brand looking for inclusion in People might have to commit to a $50k ad spend. This is a great workaround and way to get exposure without such high upfront costs.

Pushnami utilizes push notifications to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time

Pushnami is a push notifications technology partner we work with at Advertise Purple.

The way it works is that when a user visits your site, they can click “allow” for opt-in making them a subscriber. From there they would be able to receive push notifications that will allow us to send retargeting messages via desktop.

The goal here is to convert these subscribers and drive revenue for the program through data-powered targeting. In most cases, merchants see about an 18- 22% opt-in rate which on average will lead to a 24% increase in traffic.

Again, Pushnami adds value in an innovative manner and even creates loyalty without too much spending.

Stay tuned for more examples of great affiliates innovating in a space ripe for new ideas and new ways to benefit brands and customers. Part 2 is coming soon!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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