February 22, 2023

Rise of the Robot… Influencer

We all know what it’s like to get catfished. You’re swiping on Tinder and find the one. You get to talking for a few weeks only to find out she’s a 300lb balding man. This happens time and time again but we keep on going making matches with the hope that one day she’ll be real.

If that cycle wasn’t bad enough, now we throw actual robots into the mix of pretending to be people. AI influencers like @lilmiquela and @magazineluiza are just breaking into the industry and no one quite knows how to react. Some brands see the potential for these influencers to reach massive audiences because they command the public’s intrigue. But most are holding back while others test out the waters. 

AI influencers perform data-analysis

AI influencers are equipped with the most accurate analysis tools and can process massive amounts of user data which sets them apart from their human counterparts. They have the ability to identify patterns in user data and create custom solutions, targeted campaigns and actions for different users to address their unique customer journey. These predictions and insights help companies make better decisions and stay ahead of trends. 

Potential for user engagement

Robot influencers are also not limited in multitasking capabilities like humans are. They pose the potential to engage with hundreds of customers at once. When AI is used more, it expands the technology’s capabilities and the tech adapts to imitate conscious responses more adeptly. As their communication strengthens they will be able to personally engage with a larger scope of potential customers than a real influencer could possibly manage on their own time. 

Will the robots win?

With a superior capacity for engagement and strategy will virtual influencers eventually drive out traditional influencers? Becca N. our Head of Content Partnerships at Advertise Purple chimed in to say, “Although I have little experience with AI influencers as they have not been a target for Advertise Purple (yet), what I do know is when working with human influencers, a brand highly values the original content created as well as the engaged viewer base. For an AI influencer, though they will have more accurate metrics and are able to tap into specific audience demographics based on brand targets, I wonder if they are able to tap into viewer trust in the same way that a human can… Time will tell!”

Regardless what the future holds for real vs robot influencers, AI is certainly challenging the concept of what it means to be an affiliate/publisher/content creator. A big question of AI is whether it really creates anything, or if it only spits out imitations and reiterations of information it’s been fed. Then again, authenticity is dwindling across all industries. We are constantly recreating and improving upon, but completely novel innovations are getting fewer and fewer.

The future of marketing will be a battle between human creativity and data-driven technology. What that looks like exactly is TBD. What we can be certain of is that AI is here to stay and understanding how to use it is essential in maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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