February 18, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Leads the Way at Advertise Purple

By Alex Cramer

To be good at anything, you need to work hard. But to be great at it, you need to be obsessed.

It’s why Lebron James shoots jumpers an hour after he scores thirty points in a game or why Tiger Woods would train 12 hours a day in the prime of his career.

At Advertise Purple, we endlessly track sales numbers, revenue totals, average-order-value and clicks on each of the thousands of different affiliates where we place our clients’ products.

Our obsession with processing and understanding all of this data is a core part of who we are as a company and its why we developed Purply, our proprietary AI technology, that allows us to utilize machine learning to quickly and efficiently analyze the millions of transactions we’ve overseen over the course of a decade.

And while we’ve successfully used Purply to track all kinds of top-line sales and revenue numbers, we’ve really only begun to tap its potential to drive sales for our clients.

That’s why in 2022, we’re taking our use of artificial intelligence to the next level and adding significant new functionality to Purply, that will allow our team to evaluate even larger amounts of data faster so that we can optimize your brand’s sales strategy to an even greater degree.

Or in the words of our General Manager “We’re collecting data from across different networks, different verticals and different customer bases. So the theme of Purply is to aggregate data from all of these different sources and find the patterns and paths to successfully increase sales and revenue for our clients based on the vast amount of information we have access to. By standardizing and centralizing more  of this data, we can make better decisions for our clients.”

This means that we’ll be adding some powerful new features to Purply in the coming months, such as an advanced scoring system for every affiliate we work with based on our experience and data.

Of course, we’ve always done a performance analysis on all of our partners, but this new program will allow us to create a more sophisticated model for evaluating affiliates by including variables such as how they generate customer traffic, how effectively they combat fraud, their chargeback rate, their ability to quickly respond to a request and even the size of the team running a given affiliate.

Looking at the revenue each affiliate generates is important, but that number alone tells an incomplete story. Topline numbers can show us which strategies succeeded, but looking deeper into all the individual processes and optimizations that we employ with each affiliate, will tell us why they worked.

This will benefit our clients by delivering a deeper analysis of their individual sales strategy and allow us to make better decisions on which optimizations to find or pull the trigger on in the future.

All of these changes would be impossible if we weren’t able to leverage one of the key strategic advantages we have as a company. Because of the size of our agency we can deliver more brands to our affiliates than our competitors. This gives us a strong relationship with our affiliate partners and that connection allows us to collect even more information which we can then feed into Purply.

By aggregating more data than our competitors, and using sophisticated machine learning to analyze it, we’re able to deliver a level of sales strategy optimization that no other agency can match.

And if all of that sounds like a lot, well, that’s because it is, and it’s not even the complete story of everything we’re doing to make Purply a stronger piece of marketing technology.

We dedicate endless hours and resources to creating entirely new systems that will allow us to deliver better results for you.

We do it because it works.

We do it because we’re obsessed.


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