January 12, 2021

Important Pandemic Pupdate and “Purr”-formance Review on the Dogs & Cats of AdPurp

The last we heard from the doggos and kitties of AdPurp was that they were undoubtedly thriving, towards the beginning of quarantine.

Of course, that was all the way back in April, which feels like a decade ago, at least. So, I knew it was high time to check in and make sure they were still getting good pets, delicious treats, taking some long cozy and comfy naps and of course getting some crucial snuggles.

To say a lot has gone down since April would be an understatement, but the hounds and felines are making it work. And they were sweet enough to pose for a pandemic photo shoot for this article designed to see how they’ve weathered the COVID storm.

So without further ado, the dogs and cats of AP will take the spotlight yet again as I’ve asked owners (parents?) to send 1-2 sentence status updates on these guys, which we’ll dive right into below.

Let’s check those out.

Chief is now a certified BIG BOI and he misses his freedom

Matt C (dog dad): Chief (@commanderinchiefy) mentioned to me the other day that he’s bored and over quarantine. He wants to go out on the town and get all the good boy pets.

Emmett and Piper straight CHILLING on an Advertise PURPLE bed. Coincidence? I think not!

Devon N (Dog mom): Emmett and Piper have been living their best lives in quarantine. They both LOVE snuggling and hanging out with people all day so being in quarantine where their humans are home all day is truly their heaven.

First kitty alert! Casper, who just moved to LA from Chicago, is ready to take Hollywood by storm!

Haley C (cat mom): He’s clingy, so he’s reallyyy enjoying the extra time together. You can usually find him sitting on my lap during meetings and/or meowing in the background.

I’m sensing a theme here. AdPurp critters absolutely live for their dads and moms, and I for one am personally happy that these fur babies are so family oriented!

Gatsby is STILL in the Christmas spirit, even a couple weeks later. Love to see it!

Kelson B (dog dad): Gatsby has thoroughly enjoyed working from home during quarantine. He’s found more time to go on walks, eat additional treats, and even exceed quota in bothering his brothers and sisters. Overall, quarantine has been pretty pawesome.

Calvin is absolutely losing his mind at home but he’s somehow also living his best life

Tim M (dog dad… of the year?): Calvin is getting stir crazy at home. Since he has no trash cans to pillage at home as he did in the office, he has resorted to tearing apart his bed.

Zeytin and Zelis have been lounging around and getting into mischief here and there, but all the while being SUCH good kitties and making life a little bit easier on Merve in q-tine

Merve K (cat mom): These girls are exhausted from a long day of looking out the window and getting treats for the bare minimum because hey, times are tough!!

I’m actually kind of mad that Riley has HIDDEN these cuties from me… that said, feast your eyes on three photos of Archie, CJ, and Rosie Bean

Riley G (dog mom): Archie, CJ & Rosie Bean are loving WFH because it means they can nap all day and only get out of bed when they hear the fridge opening for one of my many WFH snacks.

Vennie’s little guys Seobie and Melo follow up those last three pretty nicely. I didn’t realize we had so many snugglebunnies on the AdPurp payroll. Wait, these dogs aren’t getting paid? That’s a travesty.

Vennie C (dog dad): My doggos are handling me working from home by snuggling with each other and barking incessantly at anyone who walks remotely near our home. Best guard dogs 2021.

Theo (writer of this article’s dog) is absolutely acting a damn fool in q-tine. I’ll explain further below, what that entails…

Stephen A (dog dad AND uncle?): Quarantining in San Francisco for the past month has meant plenty of time with my two nephews. And of course my son, Theo. He desperately misses the office, and in particular his bro Calvin. But he’s making it work. He’s being a bit of a goof, though and needs more socialization asap.

THE cat mom of the entire office, Mars, shot over some really high quality pet photos that I’d like to share with you of her babies

Marissa Valentino (cat mom): Quarantine/WFH life in our household has been pretty chill as you can see. Between endless snuggles and extra homemade treats, to relaxing in the sun and making new squirrels friends. Pinot and Miley have it made here in California. Not to mention they love spending 24/7 with their mom. 🙂

Nori has been loving that Cali life

Venice G (dog mom): Nori’s favorite thing to do during a quarantine workday is catch some sun and take a long nap. She loves having her Mom home all day and will rotate between sunning and her job as an official foot-warmer while napping under the desk.

And I wanted to end with some beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement from Arya and Ellie below…

Christina F ( cat mom): My two cats, Arya & Ellie, have some advice for people struggling with working from home.

Arya was having a hard time peeling herself away from her work and was starting to feel sluggish all the time. So she ordered an exercise bike and now she’s feeling more balanced and energized than ever!

Ellie was going stir crazy being home 24/7 so she started spending her lunch breaks outside on the balcony. She wants everyone to remember that taking breaks and getting fresh air are essential when working from home so you don’t go crazy too!

I hope this brightens your day, even if just a little bit. We all can learn from our pets about living in the moment and taking back your joy EVERY day. Even when things are tough. We’ll be okay and so will our little fur babies!

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