An Advertise Purple case study

A partnership to guide clients through COVID-19 uncertainty

How Honey and Advertise Purple helped generate $27M new sales for clients in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a weak March for e-commerce, and in the face of an economic downturn in 2020.

The Challenge

Let’s go back to March 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic had already begun to affect other parts of the world, but rumors circulating that the United States might go on lockdown were becoming true, as shelter-in-place and mandatory stay-at-home orders were slowly being rolled out by governors, state by state. 

A major issue for brands looking to navigate these times was in understanding that recovering from this predicament would take time (lots of it), energy, and many of a company’s available resources.

COVID-19 affected the stock market, the global economy, and job security for millions in the United States and around the world. Buyers and sellers alike were shocked by what was happening around the world and in their own lives.

Brands needed somewhere to turn, and Advertise Purple and Honey knew with their relationship and expertise with the affiliate channel, together, they could lend a hand. By doing so, brands benefitted but so did the consumer, who more readily could find products and services they love. Little did they know, the affiliate channel would be put to the test and that it would pass with flying colors, leading to strong YoY and MoM revenue growth for these brands in the face of uncertainty.

With the world going increasingly digital, we knew there was an opportunity for our e-commerce infrastructure to help brands large and small stay afloat during this unpredictable and chaotic crisis. 

Read on to learn more about how we did just that.

The Solution

Advertise Purple and Honey’s formula for client success included:

  • Heightened communication and operational support  enabling clients to pivot quickly 
  • Continuing to utilize a  fair and effective CPA payment structure, which proved to be even more important during this uncertain time 
  • Leveraging Honey Gold, vanity codes, Offers,

Smart Coupons, and CPA increases to drive rapid growth for key verticals

  • Both teams working together to execute a strategy that would hit the brand’s KPIs and simultaneously drive performance

Clients in partnership with Advertise Purple, with support of industry leader Honey, were able to proactively combat projected declines and instead drive consistent growth across numerous different verticals.

By leveraging Honey’s suite of products such as Honey Gold and the Honey Savings Finder, merchants were able to better incentivize and influence customers at the point of purchase while simultaneously rewarding brand loyalty in the midst of uncertainty. 

There was no one size fits all solution and strategies varied client-by-client, but the majority of these brands who understood the value of the affiliate channel as a strong revenue driver were rewarded by sticking with

it and operating with a fair and effective CPA payment structure. These clients, on aggregate, saw revenue increases that they would not have been able to see without utilizing the Advertise Purple affiliate and Honey’s loyalty and rewards solutions.

With Honey Gold, present during the shopping journey, customers had the confidence and assurance that they were getting the best deals which motivated them to buy.

In the end, Advertise Purple helped clients succeed by using Honey’s solutions during a time when online sales have meant even more, due to uncertainty and volatility in the overall market, as a result of COVID-19.

Advertise Purple leveraged Honey Gold and other Honey solutions, which led to clients’ immediate performance success as a result.

Turning around April 2020

With continued growth all the way through July...

I have managed dozens of agencies throughout my career, and Advertise Purple ranks among the best. Responsive, committed, and always going above and beyond. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a good affiliate agency.

Aaron A.

Advertise Purple Client

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