October 28, 2019

Email Marketing Essentials for Affiliates & E-Commerce Businesses

Email marketing is seeing a resurgence as affiliate publishers and e-commerce managers recognize the power it still holds. The old generic email-blasts may be dead but smarter strategies are now being employed with impressive results. In this article, we share the key elements of an effective email along with three types you should be sending on a consistent basis. 

Key Elements of an Effective Email

There are lots of variables that can affect whether an email does its job or not. Having a clear goal for every email you send is important but there are also generic aspects that apply across the board. Whatever the content or purpose, here are some fundamental elements of an effective email;

  •         Enticing subject line – you fall at the first hurdle if your subject line doesn’t make people want to open immediately so choose something persuasive.
  •         Optimized for mobile – 49% of e-commerce sales will happen on mobile by 2020 so make sure your emails are optimized for this format (as well as desktop).
  •         Clean design – keep your email content clutter-free with a simple design and a couple of images (but not too many as this will get you signaled as spam).

Nailing these three things will set your email marketing up for success. Now let’s look at the types of email you should be sending to your list. 

1 – Transactional Emails

Transaction emails are the foundational layer of this type of marketing channel. They are triggered by a specific action such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. These emails provide confirmation that something has happened and should also reassure the receiver that it was a good decision. Doing so helps to reduce subsequent unsubscribes or buyer’s remorse which leads to refunds. Transactional emails are often the first ones to be received by a new subscriber or customer so pay attention to making a positive impression. They also provide an opportunity for upselling and have the best open rates so take full advantage of these aspects. 

2 – Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned cart emails help to get customers over the line and purchase something they’re interested in. While e-commerce trends like chatbots and product visualizations are on the increase, it’s abandoned cart emails that still provide the greatest boost to conversions. Sending them to people who’ve signaled purchase intent is an excellent way to convince them to buy. In this busy world, visitors often get distracted and just need a little reminder in order to complete the checkout process. 

3 – Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are the most frequently sent and are beneficial for both e-commerce and affiliate marketing. They can take the form of newsletters, product updates, or sales and discounts. They’re ideal for increasing awareness around a product or service and driving more traffic to specific pages. For some people, these types of emails can be the most annoying which means they have higher unsubscribe rates. But you can avoid this by segmenting your list and only sending promotional emails that are truly relevant to their interests.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or e-commerce manager, email still provides an effective channel for boosting revenue. It can drive greater traffic volumes, increase conversions, and lead to more sales overall. By incorporating these tips and email types into your strategy, you’ll maximize your chances of hitting those all-important business goals.



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