March 15, 2019

E-commerce Trends for 2019

Are you looking to get ahead of the next e-commerce trends in 2019? Understanding what’s set to grow (and what’s just a passing fad) can help you take your online store to the next level. So, what’s going to take the world of e-commerce retailers by storm this year? And how can you tap into these opportunities to gain the maximum benefit for your business? In this article, we explore the hottest e-commerce trends for the retail industry in the year ahead.


Product Visualization

Product visualization is proving to be a powerful asset in converting browsers into purchasers. It’s common for visitors to delay a buying decision because they’re unsure what an online purchase will look like in real life. Will it be the exact same color? What’s it going to look like in my home or office? These concerns can be a challenge for businesses without a physical store, but virtual reality is changing that.


Technological innovations mean that e-commerce stores can now use 3D images, interactive 360-degree views, and even augmented reality to showcase their products. These features allow online shoppers to see potential purchases in more detail and from a variety of different angles. They can even visualize what it will look like on themselves or in different settings. As more online retailers adopt this technology, it’ll drive sales by increasing conversion rates while also reducing returns.


Social Selling

Social platforms hold huge opportunity for the next evolution of online shopping. Almost 50 percent of the world’s population now use social networks and spend 2.5 hours on it each day. Platforms have also made it easier than ever to sell online by integrating buy buttons and payment options. So, if you want to get your products in front of more people, then social media is the way to go.


Instagram and Pinterest have been leading the way with integrated shopping experiences. But as we’ve seen with recent affiliate marketing trends, brands are starting to diversify their social strategy away from Facebook. Users are leaving the platform following controversies over data security and fake news. So, it’s worth having a presence on other social media platforms that make online shopping quick and easy for their users. E-commerce brands are also partnering with affiliate publishers to get in front of their social audiences and leverage their established credibility.



Chatbots are one of the leading e-commerce trends and are increasingly utilized by online retail channels. They’re able to provide immediate customer service and answer common queries whenever someone asks (even if that’s outside of office hours). This is particularly appealing to many types of online business as it frees up team members to work on more complex activities that make maximal use of their skills. It also improves the customer experience by giving them immediate responses instead of queuing or waiting for answers. As chatbot technology evolves, artificial intelligence learns from interactions, and become better integrated with voice search, their usage is only going to grow.


Experiential Marketing

Many people predicted that e-commerce sales would spell the end of the bricks and mortar business model. While some major retailers haven’t adapted well to the online world, others are looking for ways to fuse the two. Many online stores, known as ‘clicks to bricks’ retailers, are now moving into the realm of physical shopping. They’re looking for ways to translate user experience into the real world and deliver an even better retail service to their customer.


As we’ve seen with visualization, there is an established need for consumers to interact with products. People can find it hard to imagine how things will look in reality, especially when viewing on small mobile devices. Amazon, Casper, and Bonobos have all made the move or are planning to in the coming year. If an e-commerce platform with the insights and experience of Amazon is doing it, then you know there’s an opportunity to be had.


Incorporating E-commerce Trends into Your Business

Tapping into these e-commerce trends is one way to grow your business in 2019. Product visualization, social selling, chatbots, and experiential marketing will all drive visitors, boost your conversions, and increase revenue. Which one you choose to focus on will depend on your business but there’s a huge first mover advantage that’s still up for grabs.  



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