July 2, 2020

E-Commerce Industry Insights From Top Global Markets

With COVID-19 locking down large portions of the world, we’ve seen e-commerce play a vital role.

With most major countries’ infrastructures going mostly digital, there’s been a huge transition for consumers from shopping at retail brick and mortar establishments to utilizing online alternatives.

So, how has this played out in six major portions of the world? Namely, The United States, The United Kingdom, Latin America, France, Australia, and Asia?

Well, we took a look at some recent information on those regions to see specific data on what’s happening. Seemingly, shoppers are of course utilizing online shopping in ways they previously weren’t. But how many of those shoppers are forming habits that will stick, hopefully long after the pandemic is over?

We’ve done the work for you and compiled some of the most comprehensive industry articles from around the globe. We’ve gone ahead and listed key takeaways from each article so that you can get a high-level understanding of what’s going on. That said, if you wish, feel free to click the link for each region to learn more.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

The United States of America

Key takeaway: surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults and found that 30% or more of Millennials and Gen X-ers have shifted their retail lives online and plan to at least partially continue those habits after the pandemic is over with.

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The United Kingdom


Key takeaway: eMarketer, citing data from McKinsey & Company, reports that 20% of French consumers expect to increase their online spending on groceries after the pandemic, and 15% expect to shop more online for non-grocery items.

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Key takeaway: Power Retail is reporting that 60% of Australians overall and 79% of both Millennials and shoppers in Gen Z expect to continue buying essentials online even after the COVID-19 threat subsides.

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