September 10, 2020

Beefed Up International Accounts Team Takes AdPurp’s Global Presence Step Further

It’s no secret that the world has become increasingly globalized and interconnected.

Whether you live in Paris, France or Paris, Texas, if you have a WiFi connection, you can access the same digital world. In many ways, thinking globally is essential in today’s climate and that’s true in almost any industry.

In affiliate, though, and here at Advertise Purple, we’ve been focused on having an international presence for years. Why is that? Well, since we set up shop, we’ve touched all parts of the world, and over the years, we’ve unlocked countless opportunities for brands in foreign markets.

We also work with brands themselves that are based internationally. From our offices in Santa Monica (at least, before COVID), geography is not a limitation. Our job is to develop affiliate programs that focus on the right sub-section of potential customers, wherever they live.

And in the end, the more markets, the more revenue. It’s really that simple.

And so, Emily C, Director of Corporate Development at Advertise Purple saw an opportunity within the infrastructure of the firm to start building a team that could more directly address the needs of our international customers.

I asked her what specifically about affiliate marketing made this international team even more important. She echoed some of the same sentiments from above, and also elaborated a bit more:

“Because affiliate marketing is 100% e-commerce, people have access to shop and research brands online, no matter where they are in the world. With this incredible reach online, affiliate marketing only further expands this by working with partners from all over the world. I think affiliate marketing makes shopping effective because it gives brands the opportunity to be featured on new sites — whether it be deal sites, blogs, content, etc. — to reach an entirely new audience, while also giving readers the ability to find new brands they never knew existed, no matter where we are geographically.”

I asked her what excited her most about this international expansion:

“This company has been growing at a rapid rate since I started, so expanding internationally excites me because we will be growing and will be challenged in a way that goes beyond what we’ve experienced so far. With that being said, I’m excited to meet new partners, learn more about different countries and their e-commerce trends, and give members of our own internal team the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in those international markets.”

I also was able to ask her where she sees the team a year from now:

“With the amount of growth we’ve seen so far in just the last few months, I imagine the international team growing at an exponential rate. A year from now, I project to have new department heads that mimic the domestic team’s.”

With plans to create something much larger, we’re starting out by giving an opportunity to two of our top performers – both of whom are fluent in foreign languages – the opportunity to take charge along with Emily on forming and optimizing workflow for this new team.

I was able to speak with both about how excited they were to sink their teeth into their new roles and a bit about how it’s going so far.

First, we have Venice G, MBA who is fluent in French

I asked her,

Venice, aside from speaking French, describe what about your background best suits you for this role. And how excited are you about building a team from the ground up?

She told me, “I am so grateful and thrilled to be given the opportunity to develop the international market and help build a new international team here at Advertise Purple! I have a dual degree in International Business and French as well as an MBA with a Marketing emphasis – a multidisciplinary degree that allowed me to study business in Vietnam, France, throughout Europe, and Scandinavia. Previously, I have led the US-based Marketing Department of Global Talents Media Group, a Chinese entertainment company, and was a Marketing Specialist at Entrepreneur Media, Inc.”

Then there’s Matt W, fluent in Cantonese and proficient in Mandarin

He told me, “I grew up in a bilingual environment in Hong Kong. The main languages that I speak are English and Cantonese, with a little bit of Mandarin. (Cantonese and Madarin are very different Chinese dialects.)

I am very excited to have the opportunity to help Advertise Purple expand internationally and to grow this new department. Although starting a new role and working from home has its own challenges, this experience has been incredibly rewarding and fun. In just a couple of weeks, Venice and I have identified a ton of great international opportunities and are really looking forward to bringing these to fruition! I’m especially excited about helping many of our existing brands target new markets through the unique opportunities that our department has to offer!

Lastly,I believe the international department will be growing very quickly, so you can expect many more updates from us!”

Can’t wait to see the great things that come from this new team. Thank you to Matt, Venice, and Emily for shedding some light on these exciting plans!


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