October 4, 2019

Ad Purp Profiles: Matt Wong Reflects on His First Few Months

For a career-oriented young person at the beginning of their career, an overall sense of purpose and confidence in one’s ability to do their job effectively are key. Many, if not most people spend numerous years after graduating from college looking for both. We honestly think we’re lucky enough to have been hired by a company that understands that.

At Advertise Purple, we carefully vet the new hires that we bring on making us quite adept at measuring whether they’ll be a good fit. While the environment is high intensity and requires attention to detail and hard work, we make sure it remains both supportive and fun to be employed here. Our goal is to nurture talent and give new hires the ability to be the CEO of their job.

If you take a look at our Glassdoor ratings, you’ll see we’ve been successful there.

We train and prepare our employees incredibly well, regardless of the position they’re taking on. The goal then is to put them in a position after a few months where they require minimal oversight, with 100% confidence in whatever it is that they’re doing.

Matt Wong is an account manager here at AdPurp. He’s a relatively recent hire who, in 3 months, has taken the bull by the horns and become a successful and key member of the team. At a company that’s growing as fast as AdPurp, your time as the “new guy” is not very long.

Here is what he had to say about his time in the role:

How did you find out about AdPurp?

I first found out about AdPurp through a job posting on Indeed but got to learn a lot more about the company when I spoke with Justin Young back in April. He was by far the coolest interviewer I’ve had, and I knew I wanted to work for Advertise Purple right away. He gave me a brief introduction to the company and how much it has grown over the years which got me excited to be a part of the team.

When was your first day?

I started my first day on July 15th. 

What were your first few weeks like?

The first few weeks were exciting but also incredibly nerve-racking. With no prior experience in affiliate marketing, there was a lot to learn in a short period of time. There were times where I felt overwhelmed, but thankfully the people at AdPurp are some of the most helpful and nicest people I’ve ever met.

How did Emily Chen (Director of Corporate Development) set you up for success?

Emily is the master of affiliate marketing and the best teacher anyone can ask for. She cares for each and every one of us, and genuinely wants us to succeed. My favorite thing about Emily is her compassion for people. Not only did she guide me through the complexities of affiliate marketing but also made me feel welcomed and valued at every step.

What’s been your biggest challenge on the job?

Time management and prioritization has been the toughest challenge. Managing multiple accounts can be overwhelming and it is extremely important to stay organized throughout the day.

What’s been the best part about the job?

Theo and Calvin (both dogs) are by far the best part about the job. In terms of being an account manager, I enjoy the challenge, it keeps my work fun and exciting.

What kind of resources do you have available if you run into issues?

We have all kinds of resources at Advertise Purple, the account directors for client specific problems, Vennie and Tim for technical support, Jon for financial advice, Analysts for KPI reports and Theo and Calvin for stress issues.

How would you describe the culture at AdPurp?

Advertise Purple is my home away from home. The culture here is amazing and it feels like a giant family. We work incredibly hard but we never shy away from having a good time.

Tell us a bit about your home life. How do you compare Hong Kong to LA?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong in a small family of 4 with my two dogs Ziggy and Bagel, you can follow Ziggy @the_one_eyed_peas. I love Hong Kong and LA equally, the only difference is I don’t get to eat my mom’s food when I’m in LA. 

What’s your golf handicap?

My handicap is 13 but sadly it has been on a slow decline.

What is some advice you’d give someone starting at AdPurp?

Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning and don’t be afraid to ask questions! No one expects you to know everything.

How does leadership at AdPurp do in your opinion to make this place run smoothly?

Upper Management is incredibly supportive and gives every employee a voice to be heard. They’ve created a safe and open work environment where people are not afraid to voice their opinions.

About Matt: Matt graduated from Loyola Marymount University in May, double majoring in Marketing and Economics with a focus in Digital Marketing. He has a passion for digital marketing and always wanted to work for an advertising agency in LA. Being at Advertise Purple and working with so many brands is a dream come true for him. Besides work, his favorite thing to do is to go golfing with his buddies on the weekends. He has a love-hate relationship with the game but for some reason finds himself going back every weekend.

Photo credit: Natasha Bhogal

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