October 27, 2020

AdPurp Shows a Little LA Love For the Dodgers in Tonight’s World Series

Of course, there’s a lot going on right now besides just sports.

Like many of our readers, Q4 is a big time for us here at Advertise Purple. It’s the Fall, which means holidays, increased consumer spending, and generally more activity in the affiliate marketing world as well as e-commerce in general.

But even during such a busy time, we find ourselves cheering on our local Los Angeles teams.

This year it was the LA Lakers, who took home the championship in the famed “NBA bubble” in Orlando, Florida only a few weeks ago led by Lebron James and Anthony Davis. This year, we have our beloved Dodgers, only one game away from taking home a World Series.

It would be their first since way back in 1988. I personally was not alive then, so in my opinion it doesn’t really count. If Stephen didn’t see it, did anyone? I think not.

So yes, while not all of us at AP are baseball or basketball aficionados, I truly believe that all of us have pride in our city. And why wouldn’t we? LA is the city of angels, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps… whatever you want to call it.

But it’s here that we have all decided to set up shop. Of course, right now some of us are back home with family or working remotely, but we do hope to all return to our beautiful headquarters in sunny Santa Monica. And god willing, we’ll get there eventually.

Even though it feels like it happened 8 years ago, Kobe Bryant passed at the beginning of this year. His legacy lives on in all of us, though, especially those of us who have been blessed to live here in LA.

While the Lakers got it done for Kobe, it’s now the Dodgers’ turn. It would be truly special to bring home two championships to LA, especially in a time when it could possibly unite us when we need it most.

But why have so much LA pride? Isn’t LA all Hollywood and fake? Nope.

Here in LA we can attract the best talent to help us gear up for each new year of successfully implementing affiliate marketing strategies for our customers. And that’s one of the many reasons we’ll never leave.

Because let’s face it, with the internet, maybe we can do our jobs remotely. But I would be willing to say our team would prefer the alternative.

Even though we’re succeeding at keeping our culture and company alive without all being together, having spoken with many of my colleagues, I can confidently say we all miss one another. The vibe of the office is difficult to replicate.

And we consider ourselves part of the fabric of this city. Sure, it’s a fabric made up of many parts, but AdPurp is not afraid to stake its claim as a major part, not only from a community perspective, but through philanthropic efforts, by employing many LA locals, and doing our part to represent this city the right way.

We’ll support our city through thick and thin. We’ve worked with LA Family Housing on helping those in need get back on their feet, we raised money with Dreamcenter LA specifically for COVID relief, we’ve done beach cleanups, and much more.

We really know how privileged we are and we do our best to pay it forward.

LA Business Journal has called us one of LA’s fastest growing private companies for the second straight year. And last year we came in as 8th out of 100 companies chosen. Sure, we love the national recognition we receive (and we’ve received quite a bit) but we like having a local vibe.

Our headquarters are in SoCal for a reason. We think we can attract the best talent here and we can create the best culture here too. I think we’ve done both of those things.

So, while it might seem silly to be heavily invested in sports – especially during a pandemic – I offer up a slightly different perspective. I think sports mean even more right now, as we all wait out the possibility of (maybe?) returning to our regular lives at some point.

In fact, I think the Dodgers represent some semblance of normalcy in our lives. I just hope they don’t do what they normally do. Which, of course, is to get to the very end and then blow it in the final few innings.

Tl;dr Dodgers are going to win the World Series. We live in the best city in the world. We can’t wait to return to our offices in sunny Santa Monica. Go sports!

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