April 15, 2021

AdPurp Profiles: Matt C on the Joys of Pre-Fatherhood, Good Steak, and Baseball Lessons

The last time I did one of these, I was having a full-blown conversation with myself. I guess it was good to know that I can entertain myself well enough to keep a back-and-forth going, but I figured I’d spare the team another self-indulgent conversation and mix things up a little more. 

In that spirit, today I’m chatting with someone who’s been with the team a little longer than me. Almost two years, to be exact. He’s been playing baseball since before he even knew how to hold a ball, is something of a steak aficionado, and brings an overall vibe of warmth and inclusivity to the team. Oh, and if you didn’t know already, his Golden Retriever, Chief, is due to become a big brother to a little human come October.

Alright, I think I’ve teased this intro enough. For the first time on the blog, let’s welcome baseball champ, soon-to-be dad, and bonafide team player, Matt C! 

Hey hey Matt, tell us a little about yourself. You know, what are you usually up to? Where did you go to school and what’s your background? Things you do for fun? We need all the details. 

I’m a pretty easy-going and laid-back person. I grew up with a “family first” mindset, so family is super important to me. Sports were a way for my family to bond and that’s just what we did week in and week out, whether it was baseball, basketball, or football. I ended up getting a scholarship to play baseball at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. For fun, I like to go to the beach or get out on the golf course.

It was so cool to learn about how you’ve been playing baseball since before you even knew how to pick up a baseball. You played on your college’s team too, yeah? What are some lessons that you learned in baseball that might translate to what you do at Advertise Purple? 

Yeah, I played in college. Those were some fun times and I met some of my best friends through baseball. Sports, in general, teach you to have discipline and to attack every pitch, down, possession, or whatever it may be. There are days where business doesn’t sound like the most fun thing in the world to do and that’s where discipline comes in. Being a former athlete has taught me to appreciate the “grind” and trust the process. 

For sure, those are great lessons I feel like you can apply anywhere in life. Plus, you got to meet some of your best friends through it as well? Win-win. Now, shifting a bit more into Advertise Purple territory, what about the company and affiliate marketing inspired you to work here? 

I had no idea what affiliate marketing was before coming to AdPurp. I came from a brief background in property management and I was ready for a new challenge. When I walked into the office for my interview, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It truly was a team-oriented environment, which I’m naturally drawn to. The people at AdPurp are truly inspiring and that’s why it was a no-brainer for me to come onboard. 

Agreed, I felt the same way when I came onboard. There’s nothing quite like working around a team that inspires you. That said, what do you feel is the best part of working for Ad Purp? 

The best thing about working for AdPurp is our office culture. At least five dogs are running around the office at all times and one of them is my two-year-old Golden Retriever (shout-out Chief). Another great perk of being in office, which we all miss, is the ping pong tournaments.

Word. On the topic of dogs, cheers to Chief and all the other pets that were featured in our last National Pet Day blog post. Judging by your previous answer, is it safe to say that you’ve enjoyed Ad Purp’s culture since starting? 

I’ve enjoyed working at AdPurp since the day I started. My team is such a tight-knit group and it’s almost like a brotherhood. The guys make it easy to come to the virtual office every day. 

A team that feels like brotherhood? Gotta love it. Jumping a few questions back, you mentioned that you weren’t sure what affiliate marketing was before starting here. Since that moment, what would you say is the coolest thing you’ve learned about affiliate marketing? 

Before Ad Purp, I didn’t know these “Top 10” review sites could be monetized through a banner or text link. That example of the affiliate transaction helped me understand the affiliate channel and it became my “A-Ha” moment. It may not be the coolest thing in the affiliate space, because I know this channel is very unique, but it’s the coolest in my book since it helped me understand each facet of the affiliate transaction and how we come into play as an affiliate management agency.

Right on, and I’m sure that was only one of many things you’ve picked up on since your first day. While we’re on this learning train, what is one thing you’ve learned about working on a team, and has that changed at all through the pandemic? 

I wouldn’t say much has changed since the pandemic other than everyone working remotely. The camaraderie is as solid as always. The one super different thing is not meeting our new team members in person. There are some people on the team that we’ve met in person once and others we haven’t formally met. I guess you could say I can’t wait for things to go back to normal.

You can say that again. What have you missed about working in the office with everybody? Was transitioning to working from home something that took some time getting used to? 

I’ve missed the early mornings in the office talking shop with my team when nobody even thinks about waking up. I miss beating Manny so badly at ping pong he storms back to his desk. Don’t get me wrong, we get work done on the phones and the ping pong table. Transitioning to working from home was seamless and I was able to get 2.5-3 hours back in my day as I didn’t have to worry about the LA traffic. I miss the office, but I don’t miss traffic whatsoever.

Uh oh, sounds like you’ve got a willing challenger when the office is up and running again, Manny. Shifting gears a little, let’s dive into more off-the-clock stuff. What do you think has helped get you through the pandemic? For a lot of us it was food, for me it was meditation (and food), and for others, it was chasing down the best waves to surf. What about you?

Getting active and getting outside has helped me, whether it’s a walk with my wife, a hike, or a workout. I’m a below-average surfer, but I enjoy mornings in Ventura. It’s very peaceful and therapeutic. On other days, you can find me at a golf course where a good day is finding more golf balls than I’ve lost. 

That does sound peaceful and we love anything therapeutic mid-pandemic. Going back to my mention of food in the last question, word on the street is that your favorite food is medium-rare steak. I mean, what’s to hate about it, am I right? Outside of grilling your own, where is your favorite spot in LA to grab one?

The word on the street is correct. You can’t go wrong with Ruth’s Chris, Monty’s, Mastro’s, or Bourbon Steak. 

I haven’t been to Ruth’s Chris in a while, but I went to Mastro’s a month ago and the ribeye is something else. I could go on about food forever, but let’s move onto more important things (not that a good steak isn’t). Is it true that you and your wife are expecting a baby this year? That is gigantic, congratulations! What are you most excited about? 

Yes! We are so stoked and my wife has been an absolute trooper through her first trimester. I’m most excited to meet him. It would be a plus if he threw 95 mph or could be on the PGA tour, but I’m just praying for a healthy boy come late October.

Most definitely, here’s to a healthy October baby! It sounds like your baby boy will have some company with Chief as a big brother, too. How is Chief adjusting to your family since you brought him home? Also, what inspired his name? 

Chief is the man. We’ve had him since he was eight-weeks-old and he’s the best friend we could ever have. I’m a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and that’s what inspired his name. No, I’m not a bandwagon-er, either. We’ve endured the 4-12 and 2-14 seasons so that Pat Mahomes could lead us to the promised land. 

What can I say, you’re a loyal fan, Matt. The team is lucky to have you and Chief rooting for them. Well, I’ve got one more question for you before we wrap this up. What are your biggest goals in life and work for, let’s say, the next two years? 

My biggest goals in life in the next two years are to buy a house and to be the best husband, father, brother, son, and person I can be. My goal professionally is pretty simple, but effective: Get 1% better every day. Whether it’s learning more about affiliate marketing and industry-related topics, the market and which verticals are crushing it per time of year or continuing to build on pitch and tonality so that we can continue on AdPurp’s massive growth trajectory. 


That was a stellar convo, Matt. It was great to learn that you’re keeping a positive outlook on working from home, maintaining a ping pong winner’s mentality, and transitioning well into fatherhood. What an exciting time for you and your family! You’ll all knock it out of the park. Sorry for that, but when you see an opportunity to make a pun, you’ve just gotta capitalize on it. 

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