April 13, 2021

A Round of Ap-paws for the Kitties and Pups of Ad Purp

A cold, wet nose to your feet first thing in the morning. The sound of a warm purr moving across a room as stealthy as Batman in the night (or some other comparable sneaky star of an espionage movie). The not-so-subtle snout popping up on the dinner table letting us know scraps are wanted and they’re wanted now. That familiar feeling of two paws kneading on you reminding you of that one time you made (or attempted to make) bread. The hikes, the walks, the runs, the little toys ricocheting across the room. These don’t even begin to scratch the purr-face. 

If we really think about it, there are near endless paw-some hallmarks that we can look to our pets for. No matter which rings truest for us, one thing’s fur sure: We can always rely on them. Whether it’s companionship, pure entertainment, a running buddy, or a bottomless food vacuum that we’re looking for, our pets come through time and time again. And that’s why today’s blog post is all about celebrating the pets of Ad Purp for National Pet Day (April 11). 

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve checked in with our pet parents and their pets, but I thought this holiday was the purr-fect op-paw-tunity to do so. Let’s see what every-paw-dy has been up to and what our team has to say about how life has been with their furry family members. Can we get a warm round of ap-paws as we welcome back the dogs and cats of Ad Purp?

Roman: Wearer of Harry Potter hanker-chiefs, lover of hellos, and destroyer of toys

Vanessa R (dog mom): ”Roman’s hobbies consist of cuddles, napping on mom’s bed ONLY (never his own), and destroying toys until they are in complete shreds. Also, saying hello to anyone and everyone that walks by because obviously everyone wants to give him love. Roman is my little fluff and the sweetest COVID pup I could ask for.”

Buddy and Molly: Listeners of Sarah’s pet-forward conversations, watchers of The Great British Baking Show, and bone-afide foodies 

Sarah J (dog mom of two): “I would not have been able to get through this pandemic without my Corgis. It’s kind of sad how much I talk to them when no one else is around, but they are great listeners and love the attention! They force me to get outside even when I don’t want to and I get tons of exercise pushing Molly around in her stroller (as a 12-year-old Corgi, her back legs don’t work as they used to). We go to the beach, the park, on drives around the Palos Verdes peninsula, and eat a lot of food together. Corgis love food more than anything. They are always hungry. Napping is always included in our routine and they love to watch The Great British Baking Show with me. I’m not sure what I would do without them always at my feet while I work.”

Snow: Famous Instagram-er (@snowthepomsky), bearer of an epic Game-of-Thrones-inspired name, and ignorer of attention

Jon M (dog dad): “Snowy runs our household so not much has changed during the pandemic. Usually, it is me and my fiancé fighting over his attention and him ignoring both of us.”

Weezy: Bringer of public embarrassment, dapper wearer of bow-ties, and relentless friend-seeker

Christian H (dog dad): “Weezy has nothing but love to give within the house, but he’s honestly a complete embarrassment in public. If there is a friend for him to meet, he will stop at nothing to get to them, so he can run full-speed circles around them while barking hysterically until they’ll play with him. Typical pandemic pup.”

Nala: Giver of love, upholder of loyalty, and pandemic lifesaver of Jon S

Jon S (cat dad): “She’s been a lifesaver during the pandemic by being the most loyal and loving cat in the world!” 

Salt, Pepper, Betty, and Davy: Pandemic kitties, real personality havers, and maintainers of the perfect balance of loving and mean

Hong S (cat mom of four): “I can’t imagine my quarantine life without our FOUR cute furr-iends. My husband and I originally adopted two orange kitties Betty and Davy in February 2020, but after the pandemic hit, obviously two weren’t enough anymore, and that’s how Salt and Pepper joined our family. I love how different their personalities are, I love that sometimes they are loving and sometimes they are mean. The most important thing — if I can scoop two litter boxes every day, what challenges can stop me?”

Koda: Hiker of Tahoe, paw-ffice pet-working pro, and creator of light 

Sydney P (dog mom): “Koda has been the ultimate quarantine best buddy. From hiking in Tahoe to cuddles on Sundays, he was the ultimate light in a darker year. Can’t wait for him to be reunited with his buddies back in the office!”

Chief: Lover of humans, learner of new things, and big brother in training

Matt C (dog dad and baby dad): “Chief is the best friend that we absolutely needed during the pandemic. He’s the most loving dog we could ever ask for and he’s always learning new things. Here he is reading up on how to be the good-est best brother!”

Bagel: Usher of joy, haver of quite a cute name, and rescued pupper

Matt W (dog dad): “Rescuing Bagel was the best decision I’ve ever made, she brings so much joy to the family. How can you say no to a bagel?!”

Morgan, Maximus, and Mollie: Collective eaters of food, lovers of laps, and sunbathers 

Jack D (dog dad of three): “During the Pandemic I decided to get a ‘covid puppy’ and he has meant the absolute world to me. He likes to spend time with me in my room while I work and he also likes to hang with his Aunt Mollie and Uncle Maximus by absolutely driving them nuts.”

Cooper and Nes: Lovers of pillows and pizza, hiders and seekers, and ultimate chasers of fellow dogs

Park N (dog dad of two): “My dogs are the yin to my yang! It’s very important to smile and when you have dogs around it’s hard not to! Cooper loves pillows and is the diva of the house. He knows he is loved and knows that with his cute eyes, he will get anything from us. He loves to walk and be chased by other dogs, sadly no dogs chase him and he ends up doing the work. Nes is a white Boxer. She is incredibly loyal, loves playing hide and seek and is also the vacuum cleaner of the house. Even though they’re litter mates, they have opposite personalities and life would be boring without them.”


This was purr-obably one of the most easily a-purr-oachable posts I’ve written since I started at Ad Purp and I’d like to give a big shout out (or bark out) to our furry friends and their parents for being a part of it. I’ve splashed premium pet puns all over this post, so I’ll leave things on a more serious note. Pets are purr-fect in every way and thank you to all of ours for making everyday a little brighter. I’m sorry, I had to. It was right there.


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