May 8, 2020

5 Hot Affiliates Continuing to Perform Well in Spite of COVID-19

A few months ago, prior to coronavirus and the current lockdown state we now find ourselves in, we published a list of some affiliates who might be poised to have a big year in 2020.

We decided on this list based on many things, including trends and data, their performance last year, their innovative approach, and whether our staff was utilizing them at a high rate for campaigns with clients.

We’re happy to say all five have continued to perform well, based on the client data we have produced over the course of the last few months. 

We felt, as the dust has settled a little bit with COVID-19, why not highlight some more affiliates? In particular, ones that are doing well during this uncertain time and look to perform even better once (relative) normalcy returns.

The space in general has not slowed down over all. Honestly, it’s been strangely yet pleasantly surprising, for the most part, to be working in affiliate marketing.

Here’s what Account Director Manny Serfaty had to say about the current times: “We’re seeing clients consistently break revenue and traffic records in affiliate as people begin getting used to this new reality. The fact of the matter is that there’s never been a better time to be in affiliate marketing.”

Manny is also the one who clued me in to the following list of five affiliates that are moving the needle in a time where clients can’t afford to see low return on ad spend.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into those affiliates.

1. Slickdeals


With 10 million monthly visitors, 80% returning visits, over $4 billion in dollars saved for customers, and more than 15 million app installs, it’s already been established that Slickdeals is a massive player in the affiliate marketing realm.

A key differentiator that has kept them afloat and thriving is their social aspect in the upvote process by deal-finders. So, in a manner similar to a Reddit upvoting process (or think how posts get promoted through ‘liking’ if Facebook is more your speed), the deals are curated and promoted based on the user experience with the deal.

On top of the community voting, there’s also a team of Slickdeals expert curators who put together  the Slickdeals Frontpage with the best-of-the-best offers based on user votes and feedback.

Taking the pain out of finding the best deals, they were well equipped to handle a time where more people are stuck at home due to the fact that they have support from both an in-house team and that user generated support from their shopping community.

This is a prime example of demand increasing, and the system being able to support it.

2. Brad’s Deals


Brad’s Deals has attempted to be as transparent as possible from a very early point in the coronavirus lockdown process. As you can see above, they issued a statement all the way back in early March discussing how they’d approach their operations with extreme caution and care.

It makes sense, partially because as their website indicates, “there’s a real-life human behind every post on Brad’s Deals.” They pride themselves on keeping the human-to-human deal conversation alive. 

Even since the stone ages, we’ve shared with one another where you can get a better deal, based on knowledge the other person didn’t have. Just because now this process is digitalized, doesn’t mean the sanctity of this process has to be less personal. And I think that’s the Brad’s Deals difference.

They plan to make things easier on their customers safely and effectively, even in a time of crisis.

And they’re no slouch of a platform when it comes to numbers. With 5.5 million customers monthly, $222 million in savings in 2019, and 19 years in the business, they’re a great partner to have if you plan on making money through the affiliate channel.

3. is an absolutely addicting gamified experience, where it’s really quite simple how you can make savings, but at the same time it’s incredibly creative and rewarding for its loyal customer base.

Essentially, every 25th shopper in a sort of virtual queue to buy a product gets their money back. Every. Single. Time.

Why not make the experience of shopping online – something you already do anyway – more fun with a lottery style system that requires no signup fee. It’s these types of innovative incentives that we at Advertise Purple love introducing brands and customers to.

The Account Director, Manny, that I mentioned earlier included as an affiliate to look out for, that is still crushing it even amidst COVID-19. Why? Well, it seems people are willing to try their luck while shopping with 1/25 odds, which aren’t terrible.

The savings and commission rates are comparable to the two other affiliates mentioned, however, there’s this great level of excitement. A phone, a trip to the Maldives, an appliance. Could all be yours free of cost! Why wouldn’t shoppers want to give it a try?



JVWEB is a bit different than the other four affiliates mentioned. The goal here is to do some diversification in highlighting companies that are doing a good job in a truly unprecedented time period.

As one of the leaders in France for search engine marketing, JVWEB is a global presence in the search engine advertising space. But they aren’t just a big fancy brand when it comes to digital marketing – they also can help with incremental revenue growth. In the end, that’s what matters most.

Well known for its skills in affiliation, sponsored link, and SEO management all over Europe, JVWEB teams are experts in search engine advertising, search engine optimization, real-time bidding, google analytics, and e-marketing training.

JVWEB’s team of 6 engineers designs and develops tools dedicated to optimizing our clients’ campaigns. Let them help you become more successful in your digital marketing strategies. Odds are, you’ll be impressed.

5. StudentBeans


Somewhat self explanatory from the name, StudentBeans offers discounts to verifiable students on items they love. Working with the right brands, StudentBeans has managed to pivot during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders.

With a top class editorial strategy, they know how to create campaigns and deal strategies that are perfectly tailored to their client base. For example, at the time of writing this they currently have a carousel item that states “Fit and Fabulous – from makeup to skincare, vitamins to workouts and more”.

They have a fun and lively website, well designed and user-friendly, perfect for busy college students who want to save a few bucks. With an app available on the App Store and Google Play, getting those deals from your smartphone hasn’t ever been easier.

A ‘Top 20’ feature also keeps up to date daily with the deals that are trending and most popular. It’s no surprise that college students love to save money, and if you can do so seamlessly, especially when you’re bored and stuck at home, why wouldn’t you?

Also, a great aspect to college and high school students being your main clientele is that word of mouth and referral bonuses can create buzz on campus like wildfire.

Definitely worth keeping an eye on this affiliate, especially heading into the summer, when students with a little more disposable income find themselves in the market for some new products and services.

We hope this list was helpful for you, in finding a bit more out about some of the affiliates we’re excited to say we’re working with right now. The affiliate marketplace is still alive and well!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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