September 24, 2019

Why Did Advertise Purple Travel 5,642 Miles to Attend an Affiliate Conference in Paris?

Advertise Purple may be located in Santa Monica but the scope of our business extends much further than just California. Or even the United States, for that matter.

We’re constantly traveling to meet with clients or attend conferences in various parts of the country and the world. Affiliate marketing is inherently a global industry. So most recently, we sent a couple of our own across the pond to attend Rakuten Marketing Dealmaker in Paris, France.

VP of Finance & Operations Jonathan Moisan sees tremendous value in these types of events, stating, 

“The global impact of the affiliate space is massive. Part of our goal at Advertise Purple is creating as much traffic and revenue in relevant geographical areas for all of our clients as possible. By attending conferences around the world, we gain knowledge and build relationships with affiliates in global markets that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

We’ve established ourselves as an international agency by working with a diverse client pool that should expect to receive the same top-level service from us no matter what their circumstances are geographically. 

This applies when the client themselves is international but also a client who operates in international markets. We don’t just want to unearth revenue in the United States. If your product is great, we’d like to see our strategies being implemented across the globe.

While it can be a bit trickier to work across different time zones, we’ve seen that there are in fact global trends that can inform our strategies, too. It’s great to go to a conference like this one to share information and ideas.

Some e-commerce trend that may have been true in the USA might also be true in another country or vice versa. We see international expansion as a boost to our business — nothing at all to fear.

Something that is off-hand knowledge to someone in another market might be a previously unknown key insight for us to take home and implement in our strategies.

Working closely with Rakuten, we also felt that if they were putting on the event, it was certain to be first class and a great networking opportunity. They did not disappoint.

When it comes to these events, we make sure to meet up with old friends and also to establish new connections. The two Advertise Purple reps we sent Account Director Caroline Fletcher and Corporate Development Manager Emily Chen did just that.

Sure, the trip was mostly about business, but hey… they had to have a little fun too. It’s Paris!

Some photo highlights from the trip

Can’t wait for the next one!

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