January 4, 2024

Top 10 Revenue-Generating Verticals of 2023

Now that 2024 is officially here, it’s time to look back at which verticals really stood out in 2023 at Advertise Purple. Let’s dive into our top 10 verticals based on total revenue generated, while also honorably mentioning the amount of clicks and revenue change compared to 2022.


  1. Home & Living – $111,337,203
    After thriving during Cyber Week, it comes as no surprise that Home & Living also comes in first place for the whole year. This vertical generated $111,337,203 in revenue, a 38.06% growth from 2022, and garnered 8,833,386 clicks. Home & Living is the reigning champion and shows no signs of slowing down.


  1. Education – $36,568,312
    While Education experienced a dip of 18.34% compared to 2022 revenue, it remains a substantial revenue generator in the affiliate marketing space. Through 13,426,660 clicks (the highest across all verticals!) it generated $36,568,312. The demand for online courses and educational resources ensures that the Education vertical remains a key player in the affiliate marketing arena.


  1. Sports & Outdoors – $36,451,465
    Also in third place of Cyber Week 2023, Sports & Outdoors remains in the top five revenue-generating verticals. An impressive $36,451,465 was generated through 6,833,504 clicks. That’s a growth of 38.87% compared to the previous year. 


  1. Apparel & Fashion – $35,130,474
    Apparel & Fashion is no stranger to finding success in affiliate marketing. In 2023 it generated $35,130,474, a 62.19% growth from 2022, through 10,500,735 clicks. With fashion trends and tastes always evolving, this vertical is poised for growth. 


  1. Travel & Hospitality – $23,875,161
    It’s starting to feel like a distant memory when there was a time that travel was heavily restricted. The Travel & Hospitality vertical is thriving with $23,875,161 generated by 4,804,076 clicks. That’s a 62.64% increase in revenue compared to 2022.This vertical’s revival reflects the resilience of the travel industry and the adaptability of affiliate marketing strategies.


  1. Health & Wellness – $19,389,904
    The Health & Wellness train is not slowing down anytime soon as this vertical continues its upward trajectory, experiencing a healthy growth rate of 31.8% in 2023. Through 5,994,652 clicks, $19,389,904 in revenue was generated. Physical and mental well-being is increasingly becoming a priority to consumers, contributing to the success of this vertical. 


  1. Beauty – $18,807,459
    Beauty is also well acquainted with affiliate marketing and thriving through emerging trends. In 2023 it generated $18,807,459 in revenue from 4,937,888 clicks, a remarkable growth of 74.53% compared to total revenue in 2022. The beauty industry’s ability to adapt to changing consumer preferences sets this vertical up for growth. 


  1. Accessories & Jewelry – $16,093,801
    The Accessories & Jewelry vertical witnessed an impressive growth of 78.31% compared to 2022, with $16,093,801 in revenue from 7,151,230 clicks. Consumers are always looking for ways to enhance their look, make this vertical one that has a foundation for success.


  1. Food & Beverages – $15,571,673
    The Food & Beverages vertical experienced steady growth, with a revenue increase of 31.43% compared to 2022. Through 3,067,444 clicks, $15,571,673 in revenue was generated in 2023. As consumers continue to embrace diverse food trends, try new culinary experiences, and look for healthy alternatives, this vertical will continue to bear fruit (😉) .


  1. Games & Toys – $14,400,226
    To close out our top 10 performers, last but definitely not least is Games & Toys. This vertical really stole the show when it comes to growth with a 305.74% increase from 2022 –  generating $14,400,226 in revenue from 2,299,511 clicks in 2023. With AI and virtual reality technology continuing to be implemented in games, this vertical can expect even more growth in upcoming years.

As we reflect on Advertise Purple’s top 10 performing affiliate marketing verticals of 2023, it becomes clear that adaptability, consumer insights, and strategic collaborations are keys to success in the e-commerce space. The impressive growth rates across these 10 sectors alone, highlights the resilience and effectiveness of affiliate marketing as a powerful tool for driving revenue. As we step into 2024, affiliate marketers should continue to stay attuned to market trends, evolving consumer preferences, and emerging opportunities to navigate the ever-changing landscape successfully.

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