March 6, 2023

The Truth Behind Our Growth

“Six years in a row…is that even possible?”

“How are you the only affiliate marketing agency to achieve this?”

“…and you only offer affiliate?”

Consistent growth leads to a lot of questions.  The fact that we’ve been in business since 2012 with no outside funding, mergers, acquisitions, or services offered outside of affiliate, makes the answer slightly less believable. 

We’re here to dispel the myths, clear the air, and shed light on the four secrets of how Advertise Purple continues to be the #1 affiliate agency. We are unmatched in our space for the number of clients served, the breadth of data, our technological capabilities, actual customer results, and, of course, growth.


1. Our bottom line is married to yours

This is not a snazzy tagline used to get you on zoom with our sales team; it’s our billing model since 2012.  We have maintained the philosophy that earnings should be commensurate with client growth.  In other words, if we can’t show you the money, we shouldn’t see it either.  This basic premise forces us to perform.  And perform we have.  

In the last 12 months, we’ve deployed countless campaigns to generate 5,175,895 conversions.  Whether the strategy includes sourcing from our pool of over 289K active affiliates, or deploying split test optimizations for maximum conversation rates, the outcome speaks for itself: $453M in affiliate sales generated for our brands in the last 12 months.


2. Data & tech are accelerants

GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) is the battle-tested acronym we live by.  The quality of data is paramount to making sense of successful strategy.  Our homegrown technology, Purply™, methodically indexes our campaign and transaction data, enabling immediate insight to twenty-three business verticals in fourteen countries.  We have aggregated years of ecommerce data through relationships with over 3,000 ecommerce brands which give Advertise Purple unparalleled insight into where success can come from in the Affiliate space. This data is pivotal to  generate informed decisions, which enhances our learnings and perfects service delivery.

From sunrise to sunset, our team depends on strategy suggestions delivered by Purply™.  This has lent itself to being a major ingredient for our growth potion. And how has leveraging data and technology worked out for us?  Six consecutive years as a ‘fastest-growing’ company*.


3. Small focus = big learnings

Intense focus on one subject has led us to build a better mousetrap.  Unlike other digital agencies offering everything from SEO to air conditioning, we have to be successful with your campaign to keep the lights on; we cannot rely on cross-selling or upselling to increase billing.  

This pressure has pushed us out of our comfort zone, rethinking how a service should be architected and delivered.  From the creation of an Analyst department in 2016, the inception of technology circa 2018, to machine learning components in 2021, each change has been intentional and methodical with one question driving it: what would produce better results for our clients?


4. Intuitive infrastructure is key

Words of advice: if you ever hear, ‘Hi – I’m your account manager and will handle all aspects of your program!’  Politely close Google Meets and run the other way.  

All new agencies are casualties of the one-person-does-all fable when they open their door and hang a shingle.  As a matter of fact, the sound bite can seem like a positive: one contact, more attention…what could go wrong?  

But just like socks with sandals, no matter how good it sounds and feels, it just doesn’t work. 

At Advertise Purple, our Clients’ success does not depend on a single individual and their experience/knowledge in the space – our Clients benefit from the concerted efforts and individualized expertise across various departments.

Our success from this structure allows Clients to have dozens of team members work on behalf of their brand to optimize for success-.  Whether it is our Growth Department interacting daily with publishers to negotiate better exclusive offers, our Client Support Department working with networks to make sure connectivity is accurate and tracking, our Content Department securing placements with Mass Media Publishers and Content creators, or our Analyst Department identifying trends and trajectory in the metrics, and our technology, Purply, to guide strategies and opportunities quantifiably.  Our Clients always have a consistent effort applied to the program, regardless of their Account Manager’s contribution.  

So there you have it; our secret is out.  Although growth is difficult, it’s not impossible.  It requires a unique vision, tireless dedication, and a solid team.  Interested in learning if we can bring growth to your program?  Connect today.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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