January 4, 2022

The Three Most Important Types of Content That Drive Sales

Confidence is key, both in life and in sales. You’ve probably never met a successful person who wasn’t confident in what they do and you wouldn’t buy a product that you weren’t confident would work well for you.

But when a skeptical consumer is looking at dozens of similar products, how do you give them the confidence that yours is actually the best?

One word: content.

Content is the first point of contact between a potential buyer and your product. When it’s well made and well placed, content will help you cut through the clutter of online ads and clickbait and inspire confidence in consumers that your product is the best.

In 2021, we managed relationships with over 32,000 different content providers, so believe us when we tell you, we know what works and that these are the three most effective types of content for your product.


Amazon built an empire not just because it made buying things convenient, but also because it made people comfortable buying things by providing access to so many products reviews. Now, from toothbrushes to TVs, we’ve all been conditioned to seek out the product with the most stars, awards or positive reviews from trusted sources.

Reviews from sites with high credibility are extremely valuable because they provide external validation that your product is worth buying and is superior to the competition, in a way that paid advertising never can.

Consider that there are hundreds of different brands of earbuds you can buy, but one strong review on a trusted website such as Wire Cutter or CNet can make yours stand out and above the competition. 

Every major vertical has prominent websites dedicated to reviewing products and making sure that they feature yours is a crucial step to moving customers through the buying journey.


“How to” is a highly used search term that millions of people use to learn about products they might be interested in but don’t fully understand.

Well-made how-to content can give your customers confidence that not only are you offering a superior product but that they’ll be able to use it effectively.

How-tos are particularly effective in video form because showing a live practical application of your product will give consumers the confidence that it works and that they can use it too.


What’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend’s mom? Or for your boss? Or your dog walker?

If your eyes just glazed over and you felt a brief sense of panic well up, don’t worry, so do millions of other Americans facing this question and they all turn to the same place to find an answer: listicles.

Once Q4 shopping really kicks off, “best gift for” rapidly becomes one of Google’s most popular search terms as shoppers desperately search for the perfect gift for close friends and distant acquaintances.

Listicles are also valuable because they put your product in front of people who are already in a buying mindset.

No matter how much data you have or how many top affiliates you have access to, every customer’s purchase journey starts with a well-crafted piece of content. Knowing which types deliver and how to create them, can mean the difference between dominating your market space and being just another option in a world full of them.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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