May 13, 2019

The Secret to Hiring the Best Affiliate Account Managers in the Game

In order for Advertise Purple to deliver on our promise of superior affiliate management, we rely on having the best team possible. So when it comes to the hiring process, we don’t fool around. I took some time to speak to our Corporate Development Manager (CDM), Emily Chen, specifically about what she looks for in hiring the most competent account managers for our team.

Top Qualities

When asked ‘what are the top qualities you look for in an Account Manager’, Emily stressed that having a long history at a company and whether they have been promoted is a good sign; this shows the candidate is dedicated to their work and strives for greatness. Education is also paramount in our hiring decisions; we have alumni from top schools such as Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, and other top-tier colleges. We even have a few team members pursuing masters’ degrees as well. In addition to loyalty and drive both professionally and academically, our CDM went on to describe more personal qualities she looks for in an Account Manager.

Having a degree from a reputable college may get you an interview at Advertise Purple, but being personable, generally good with analyzing and explaining numbers, and having a positive attitude makes for a strong pool of contenders as well, since account managers are heavily client-facing. But which characteristic does our CDM think is most important?  

“I would say it’s the ability to work smart, not hard. You could work hard at something all day long, but you could accomplish more by putting your time to better use. At the end of the day, it all comes down to time management.”

While we do value hard work, it’s more valuable to manage one’s time efficiently, accomplishing the most pressing tasks, rather than to spend more than 8 hours stressing over low-priority tasks.

Red Flags

On the flip side, we also discussed with our Corporate Development Manager which qualities she tends to stay away from when hiring. The top two that come to mind are laziness and arrogance; these characteristics tend to be hard to manage. Because we have such a prevalent culture of teamwork, collaboration, and open-mindedness, an individual that assumes they already know how to do everything correctly or doesn’t want to put in as much effort as the rest of the team can greatly disrupt our workflow. We value humble employees that are team players, rather than employees who come with a negative attitude that implies they know best.

Lessons Learned

Throughout our various hiring cycles, our CDM has learned quite a few important lessons. To highlight one, she says:

“You can never be one-hundred percent sure how a person will perform in a work environment until they’re in it. We’ve seen people perform well in interviews and completely bomb on the job, and we’ve seen people that we’ve taken chances on excel very quickly and exceed our expectations.”

To mitigate the disconnect, our team has implemented various aptitude tests to better access the fit of potential employees to our company.

Our goal is to hire the best team possible so we may provide the best service possible for ever-expanding client base. We look for people who are personable, reliable, and otherwise ready to learn. But we are also looking for people who fit well into our culture, and that usually means bringing a positive attitude and always being ready to contribute to the team.


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