March 11, 2024

Elevate Your Strategy With Technology Affiliates

Technology affiliates may not be the first that come to mind when thinking about partnership marketing, but they are a valuable piece of the strategic puzzle. Focusing solely on traditional affiliates, like websites or influencers, for driving traffic may be limiting your brand’s potential.

Not to be confused with affiliate technology like networks or software, these technology partners are affiliates that seamlessly integrate into a brand’s program. Technology affiliates have a unique ability to connect with consumers through each part of their online shopping experience, leading to improved conversion rates.

A Few Affiliates

Let’s explore just five tech affiliates we work with at Advertise Purple. These partnerships have collectively generated over $128 million in revenue for clients since joining.

Founded in 2005, Upsellit has grown to be a leading AI-driven conversion rate optimization provider. Each shopper has their own set of intentions that they demonstrate through browsing patterns and behaviors. UpSellit leverages this data to craft personalized solutions that align with diverse business goals.
Founded in 2013 as Smarter Click, helps brands consistently grow by engaging their current audience; leveraging the reach and potential of each individual. From a well-time exit overlay to a serendipitous browser notification, their services deliver incremental conversions, perfectly brand-aligned messages, and calls to action at crunch point to avoid traffic loss.

AddShoppers was established in 2011 to create and acquire digital assets that save shoppers time and money. Since then they have also developed a unique technology and marketing platform called SafeOpt. SafeOpt leverages its network of shoppers to receive verified offers from brands partnered with the platform. It enables brands to send 3-5x more messages to the people who visit a site, show interest, and abandon.

Envolve Tech
Involve Tech is an AI-powered virtual shopping assistant that instantly answers inbound customer service queries 24/7 while surfacing personalized and relevant product recommendations. With 60% of online chats being missed sales opportunities, they are transforming a channel traditionally associated with client support into an effective site conversion and incremental tool.

Incubeta offers a wide range of services including paid search, CSS, programmatic display, and paid social, all on a pure performance basis, sharing accountability and driving growth alongside advertisers. Funding the media spend themselves also means they’re incentivized to efficiently drive the best possible results and are constantly striving to find new ways of giving clients a competitive advantage.

Why Use Tech Affiliates

By integrating technology affiliates into the affiliate channel, brands unlock access to specialized tools and capabilities that optimize conversions, elevate average order value (AOV), and guide customers throughout the buying journey. These technologies enhance the website user experience, while also consistently driving incremental revenue and return on investment (ROI).

Technology affiliates bring an added layer of support by continuously innovating and enhancing their capabilities, ensuring that brands remain competitive. Brands can leverage technology affiliates not only to attain specific goals, but also to say ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Embracing technology affiliates expands the horizons of affiliate marketing, providing brands with advanced tools and strategies to thrive in the dynamic online marketplace.

Looking for Affiliate Management Support?

At Advertise Purple, our dedicated team of affiliate managers can help extend your reach and generate high-quality leads. We have a network of best-in-class publishers who create engaging content that’s aligned with your strategic objectives. Plus, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading technology, Purply, which makes tracking and reporting a breeze.

Our experienced team of professionals is always up-to-date with the latest developments in affiliate marketing. We can help you to set up a brand-new affiliate program or manage an existing campaign to maximize results. Contact us today.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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