June 5, 2023

Summer 2023’s Hottest Style Guides For Fashion & Apparel

Summer is fast approaching and we all know what that means… it’s time for a wardrobe revamp. Over the next few months, fashion and apparel brands will have the opportunity to make a splash in the industry by getting featured in the most influential shopping lists of the season. These curated style guides serve as trusted recommendations for shoppers on the hunt for the latest trends and fashion inspiration. With over $400M in affiliate-generated revenue for fashion and apparel clients and an extensive history with top-tier publishers, here is our exclusive look at the most coveted shopping placements for brands this summer. 

Who What Wear

When it comes to staying ahead of the fashion curve, Who What Wear is a go-to resource for millions of style-conscious individuals. Their summer shopping catalog provide readers with access to the most relevant and on trend brands for all things fashion. A spot on Who What Wear’s style guide not only boosts your brand’s visibility but its credibility to potential customers. Partner with fashion influencers to create compelling content that aligns with the guide’s theme to increase your chances of inclusion.


The epitome of fashion journalism, Vogue wields tremendous influence in the industry. Being featured in this summer’s Vogue shopping guide is a testament to your brand’s credibility and cutting-edge style. While it may be challenging to secure a spot in this prestigious publication, it is well worth the extra effort. To have the best shot, focus on creating unique, high-quality pieces that embody the essence of summer fashion and align with Vogue’s editorial vision. Collaborate with influencers and industry insiders to bolster your chances of catching Vogue’s discerning eye.


Refinery29 is known for its innovative and inclusive approach to fashion and style. Their summer guides cover a wide range of categories, catering to a diversity of tastes and budgets. Securing a placement on one of their shopping lists can open doors for your brand to reach new audiences and build your online reputation. Showcase your brand’s diversity and commitment to making trends inclusive and accessible to all to capture Refinery29 readers’ attention.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar focuses on highlighting sophisticated and timeless fashion brands each year, emphasizing high-quality, elevated staples for every minimalist and shopaholic alike. Their shopping guides reflect the elegant and discerning taste of their readership. A feature on Harper’s Bazaar will position your brand as a purveyor of refined style and attract a quality customer base. Getting a placement on one of these guides requires emphasis on the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-caliber of your products in order to resonate well with their readers.

Incorporate one of these shopping guides for game-changing success this summer. Propel your brand to new heights with the mere exposure, credibility, and enhanced access to new audiences that a feature in these publications will get you. Focus each pitch on aligning your brand’s positioning, aesthetics, and value proposition with the themes and target audience of each publisher. Collaborate with key-figures in the industry, create compelling content, and seize every opportunity to showcase your brand’s standout products and captivating story. Remember, securing a spot in these influential summer shopping guides requires a great deal of preparation, strong positioning, and a genuine understanding of the unique readership of each. So gear up, get creative, and make a lasting impression this summer by being a part of the year’s most anticipated shopping guides.

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