Search Engine Optimization :: White Hat Methods

Affiliate marketing is synonymous to performance marketing where the performance of the affiliates is directly proportional to the profit. It is a sales strategy that the businesses use. The system involves individuals and businesses that link to the product and once a product is sold they get commission for the same

How to increase the prominence

There are several options for increasing prominence of a web page by means of optimizing search engine results. The pages of the site can be cross linked, providing more links to the significant pages of the site, thereby improving visibility (36). The content must be written in such a way as to incorporate keywords that are more often searched by users. The content must also be relevant to a large range of search questions, as this will increase the visitors to the site (36). The content must also be frequently updated, so that search engines can crawl to the site more often thereby increasing visibility of the site. The Meta data of the site must also have relevant keywords incorporated, such as the title tag and description. This will make it more relevant in the listings during a search and improve traffic. Normalization of the URL can be done, and it should be accessed through several URLS by making use of the canonical link element (37). This can also be done by use of the 301 redirect. It ensures that all versions of the URL are linked. Such tactics increase the popularity of the link for the page.


There are two main types of techniques that SEO uses. These are strategies that they recommend and are related to the proper designing of the site. There are also some techniques that they don’t recommend, such as spamdexing and the search engine usually reduces the effect of such techniques. The methods as well as the people who use them have been broadly categorized as White Hat and Black Hat SEO (38). The results created by White Hat techniques are long-lasting, while the Black Hat techniques result in the banning of the sites at some point of time. This banning might be either temporary or permanent and will be effective once the search engines discover their activities. (39)

A technique employed by a site is considered as a White hat one, if it is done conforming to the regulations and guidelines that are stipulated by the search engine and does not incorporate any cheating measures. The guidelines stipulated by search engines, (27) (28) (29) do not consist of a number of commandments or set of regulations, the issue has to be made note of clearly. White hat technology s more than just following specifications, as it involves making sure that the content that is indexed by the search engine and is ranked in the search list is the same content that is available for viewing by the user. You can say that white hat technique involves the creation of content aimed at viewers and not at the search engines. It also aims at making content of the site available to spiders and not aimed at just deceiving the algorithm. The White hat technology used for Search engine optimization can be compared to the web creation that aims at aims at accessibility of users (41), though there are a few differences.

Search engine optimization of the Black hat type involves cheating and deception and is not approved by search engines. An example of Black hat SEO is usage of text in such a way that it gets hidden in the background which is of the same color, or using text that is placed off screen or having an unseen div. One other method of Black hat SEO shows another page which changes according to whether the visitor is a human one or a search engine and this is known as cloaking.

When search engines discover such black hat strategies, they can fine the sites by bringing down the rankings or just removing the website listing from their data base permanently. The algorithms in the search engines can implement such fines automatically or the site can also be penalized by means of a manual review. An instance can be given with the removal of sites BMW Germany as well as Ricoh Ger. many by Google search engine in February 2006. The sites were penalized for using deception. (42). However, the two site owners were quick to make changes to the pages in question and Google reinstated the web pages in its list. (43)


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