affilite marketing myths debunked
September 28, 2020

Popular Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

Hiring advertising partners can boost your company’s exposure and sales. As such, you might have heard some rumors about affiliate marketing that may have prevented you from giving it a try. Even if you’re already leveraging this strategy, much of this misinformation could prevent you from reaching your full advertising potential.

Debunking these myths will help you realize that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an ineffective advertising form. You might even learn some benefits that you could use in the long run. Many of these false beliefs range from hiring individual partners to working with affiliate marketing companies


You Should Avoid Trademark Bidding

Trademark plus bidding is the act of getting paid search advertisements to appear when someone searches for a branded keyword. A branded keyword can contain either a brand name or a variation of that name combined with another term like “review.” Indeed, this marketing tactic doesn’t work for all businesses.

Some people are afraid of losing money to this because others can bid on their brand. However, you can work with affiliates to get your ads to the top of those search rankings. If you want to, you can focus on bidding on your brand exclusively for benefits like reducing clicks’ cost.


Having No Control Over Your Affiliates

You don’t have much authority over your affiliates since they technically aren’t your employees. That doesn’t mean that they could do what they want. When hiring partners, you can establish your rules from the very beginning.

Anyone who isn’t interested in sticking to those guidelines will not work for you. You can also implement multiple positive reinforcement measures to attract new partners and keep your current ones loyal. You can pay your affiliates based on their performance to help motivate them further, for example.


Coupon Affiliate Marketing is a Waste of Money

You’re probably aware of the many discount sites out there that promote various products and services through coupons. It could be easy to believe that not only would you lose money from marked down sales, but it would also reduce the value of your brand. The reason that isn’t true is that these websites receive a lot of traffic.

Joining a discount affiliate agency means you could potentially tap into a whole new market, which could result in even more loyal consumers. It is through these coupon sites that introduce many individuals to new brands. Besides, those websites won’t always offer your products and services at a discounted price; many would be willing to pay the full amount to receive the rewards these websites give them.


You Must Have as Many Affiliates as Possible

You might think that having tons of various advertising partners means you’ll have more exposure and, as a result, more sales. That could work if your main goal is to increase your brand’s recognition.

For those with other objectives, like boosting sales or growing their company’s customer base, this tactic won’t be enough. The better option would be working closely with individual affiliates and sharing your objectives with them.

You’re also more likely to accomplish your goals if you know that your advertising partners are very involved with their audience and communities. Keep in mind that your affiliates don’t have to be the most famous individuals or brands on their platforms.


Fraudulent Activity is Common

All industries will have their share of individuals that will try to game the system. Like most businesses, however, fraud is only a small percentage of the entire affiliate marketing community.

The best way to reduce the chances of getting scammer partners is through careful monitoring. You must separately interview each person. Do not do automatic sign-ups. Also, make sure you pay close attention to your analytics and weed out any anomalies that might occur.


Either Affiliate Marketing or No Marketing

This type of advertising is pretty unique and requires specific skills for utilization. That doesn’t mean that it should be the only form of marketing to try.

The most effective way of advertising for your business could be a combination of multiple strategies. There’s a method known as affiliate integration, where you add this type of marketing to your current promotion approach.

Some tactics can clash with each other and prevent you from reaching your goals. Regardless, it’s significant to try as many as possible to boost your chances of increasing sales.


Affiliate Marketing Requires Little Effort

You can’t start a program and then let it run on its own. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work. You need a plan along with the right skills to use essential tools. Companies can’t hire any person that wants to be a partner.

It is possible to put little effort into affiliate marketing, but you won’t get immediate results or reach your goals soon enough. It takes time to execute your plans and perfect the process, which is why the outcome will be that much more worth it.


There are many more myths about affiliate marketing that could discourage others from giving it a try. The best thing to do is to check the facts from weathered professionals. You shouldn’t be asking whether an affiliate program is useful, but if it works for you and your company.

Just know that you don’t have to invest too much to get started. Don’t do it if you expect immediate results or to get rich by doing very little. Finally, you can use affiliate marketing companies to help you launch your program rather than looking for individuals yourself at first. 

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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