July 16, 2019

How Searching for the Right Marketing Affiliates Without Help Can Be Like Shopping in the World’s Most Confusing Grocery Store

Affiliate marketing described in the form of a somewhat aggressive (but accurate) analogy based on supermarkets:

Imagine a massive fully-stocked supermarket without any labels in the aisles and items presented in a disorganized, random manner. Imagine you’re there after a long day at work and after having skipped lunch. 

You’re hungry and ready to eat. But you’re lost. You need to cook a meal. But for some reason candy and potato chips are the only items really catching your eye.

Trying to work with an affiliate network without help from an agency like Advertise Purple can often feel like you’re in the right place; you just don’t know where to begin sorting through seemingly endless options. This overwhelming feeling is all too familiar to merchants of all sizes when trying to choose affiliates to partner with.

Without absolutely beating this analogy into the ground, when it comes down to it, the end goal of shopping for food is to prepare a delicious meal. That meal in the case of companies utilizing an affiliate marketing strategy is added revenue and an effective affiliate program. 

Back to the grocery store idea, though: How does one avoid attractive unhealthy items and stick to a healthier, but still high quality (tasty) plan to make a great meal?

Enter our expert team. We provide an offering similar to getting a delicious meal box delivered to your door. With every single Grade A ingredient shipped to you directly and all the cooking instructions you’ll ever need laid out on top of that, you’ll be completely ready to begin cooking up that sweet profit. 

Not to mention, our clients have come to expect consistent and efficient guidance from our team each step of the way. Customize your order. Let us know about allergies and dietary restrictions. Your company is your life. Special and unique in every way. We have trained to work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We’ll get you fed. 

We have a team of trained affiliate managers and analysts who are passionately going to do the “shopping” for you. Aligning with the right affiliates is like scouring those confusing aisles. Gearing you up to achieve growth in areas you may have never even seen as a possibility before.

Leave the heavy lifting to us and rest easy knowing you’ll be paying in a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) capacity. You pay as we perform – providing new streams of revenue and optimizing your affiliate strategy daily. 

So, whether you’re cooking for 40 or you’re making a meal for one, AdPurp will work with you and provide support no matter how big or small your outfit currently is or plans to grow to be. With constant communication and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports, you’ll know how well your product is performing in the affiliate space. 

And hopefully in the end, you’ll be eating a healthy balanced meal when it’s all said and done. 

Leave the Twinkies where they are and get your affiliate program running smoothly.

Bon appetit.


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