October 1, 2019

Could A.I. and Machine Learning Change the Affiliate Game?

Today let’s talk about robots in advertising.

I’m not talking about a robot dressed like Don Draper smoking mechanical cigarettes, though I honestly kind of wish I was. Rather, I’m talking about advanced automated algorithms that can find and deliver key insights in real time. Algorithms that can learn more and more every day about e-commerce patterns and help companies optimize their advertising strategies.

Okay, let me take a few steps back.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to technology trends or even if you’ve seen at least one Black Mirror episode, there’s a strong likelihood you’re aware of the simultaneously exciting and scary developing exploratory discussion surrounding Artificial Intelligence (Also known as A.I.). It’s already permeated into the mainstream and continues to grow in popularity for companies of all kinds.

First let’s address the scary side of things. It seems as if there’s an inherent fear within all of us that at some point our talents will become obsolete. This idea that “robots will take our jobs” is nothing new, in some sense. In the 1970s, when car manufacturers started using robots on the assembly line, people were nervous that they’d no longer have jobs. That didn’t exactly happen, though.

I’d argue that machines don’t necessarily “take” our jobs. In fact, they “enhance” them. So, sure, a human might not be placing the physical wheel on the car, but they’d be in charge of overseeing the robots that do, and address any issues that might pop up during a complicated process of mechanical functions completed by the A.I.

In the case of affiliate marketing at Advertise Purple, we plan to continue hiring and growing our base of human employees while simultaneously rolling out our automation software that will make our employees’ jobs easier, freeing them up to dedicate their time and energy to making human decisions we wouldn’t trust a robot to do.

That being said, through machine learning and through practice, we’d hopefully be able to rely on the A.I. to process data and information at a speed no human ever could, feasibly. This is a huge advantage to our account managers and analysts. It shouldn’t be thought of as a threat to what we do from the human side of things.

It should only bring us closer to our goal of helping as many companies and entrepreneurs as possible to grow revenue and crush it in the affiliate space.

Senior Analyst at Advertise Purple Trinity Novak spoke on how artificial intelligence could help her team reach its goals:

“AI would provide a valuable, data driven management experience. We already make decisions backed by data — incorporating AI would further refine and improve decision making processes that allow us to successfully manage affiliate programs. AI would allow Advertise Purple to look at data through multiple lenses which would continue to drive valuable insights and maximize program potential. Leveraging AI allows for deeper analyses, conclusions, recommendations, and strategy from our robust data pool. Incorporating AI is just the beginning; the goal would be to use both AI and machine learning to learn from previous strategies and continue to refine suggestions that would lead to the best possible output for our clients.

Rowland Hazard, Account Director at Advertise Purple also commented on what AI could do from his perspective as an accounts leader:

“AI would allow us to more effectively leverage our two most important assets, data and human capital.  Decision making would be reinforced, refined, and improved upon perpetually as we continued to grow. Our analysts and account managers would reap the benefits of improved analytics and improved efficiency. This would enable the entire team to more fully focus on creating value for our clients via innovation and strategic growth initiatives.”

Stay tuned to learn more about A.I. and future advances in the affiliate space.

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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