March 2, 2020

Causes We Love: In the Name of Grace

At Advertise Purple, we make sure to do our part to support organizations and causes that affect our communities. 

Whether that means toy drives around the holidays, beach clean-ups, food drives, or other philanthropic endeavors, we know that we’re not truly successful unless everyone in our community is looked after and taken care of.

In most cases, the causes we champion are local. Based here in Los Angeles, there are countless issues affecting our neighborhoods that need our attention.

But as we continue to grow and flourish, I think there’s even more of an obligation to make sure the reach of our community service grows too.

A fellow colleague, Kelson Boyer, recently brought to our attention a great not-for-profit organization that helps addicts and alcoholics find safe sober places to live and recover in his home state of Missouri.

According to Kelson, “Supporting foundations like ‘In the Name of Grace’ is important because substance-abuse hits close to home for so many of us. Foundations like these play such a vital role in making sure these individuals not only feel supported, but have access to resources and opportunities that can put them on the right track – and we’re pleased to help embrace them and be a pillar of their continued success.”

Advertise Purple stands by any program that helps people in recovery, understanding how difficult the process to regaining one’s health after suffering from addiction can be. That being said, this one is near and dear to one of our long term employees and therefore we thought a donation was the very least we could do.

We wanted to spread awareness as well. If you’re inspired to do so, please go to and make a donation yourself.

Here’s a quote from the co-founder, Rob Elsey:

“Watching my beautiful, young and talented daughter spiral downward with drugs was the most difficult thing in my life. Watching her fight to climb out of addiction was exhilarating. Watching her relapse was heartbreaking. Thus began the emotional roller coaster of my life as the parent of an addict. But that’s just the effect on me, I cannot begin to imagine the cruel and painful ride it has been for my daughter.

We must do something to help addicts fight for their lives. We must help them on their journey towards a fulfilling life. We must give them the grace they deserve.”

I hope anyone with a family member or friend who is struggling – or who is struggling themselves – finds hope. This is an issue that extends much further than a state or even a country. Addiction transcends all borders and affects people of all socio-economic backgrounds, all religious beliefs, and all ways of life.

Even if you don’t have the capacity to donate, at the very least, do your part to lend a helping hand to anyone you may know who’s in recovery. Understand their journey is long and will undoubtedly be arduous. You never know how much it could help to show that you care.

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