December 7, 2021

Building a Better Company By Building a Better Community

At Advertise Purple, we care about all of the things that a good business is supposed to care about, such as sales, and delivering for our clients and making sure that the office holiday party is an absolute banger.

But as hard as we work at our jobs, we see ourselves as more than just our job titles.

That’s why one constant topic of conversation in our office is asking how can we give back as a team? With all of our talent and resources and willingness to work, how can we make the community we live and work in better for everyone?

That’s where Senior Project Manager Marissa V comes in. She oversees all of AdPurp’s philanthropic efforts and helps to organize our food drives, beach clean-ups and everything else we do as a team to try to build a better world.

Q: Why is it important for AdPurp to serve our community?

Marissa:  At Advertise Purple, we’re always looking for ways to help our community and Los Angeles has such a wide variety of organizations that do amazing work. I think it’s important for our team to find ways to help because we’re all a part of this community and we all benefit when we can find ways to make it better. Its also a super great team-building experience!

Q: How do we decide which organizations to support?

Marissa: We’re always looking for opportunities where we can involve the whole team. After that, the organizations we choose typically depend on the time of year. For example, in the summer we’ll usually do beach clean-ups, and around the holidays we organize food and toy drives for families in need.

Q: What are some of our upcoming employee volunteer opportunities?

Marissa: We have one coming up right now for the holidays. We will be hosting a toy drive and the team is welcome to bring in as many toys as they’d like at our annual holiday party next week.

Q: Besides doing good work, what are the benefits to AdPurp as a company?

Marissa: I think that it really strengthens our company culture as a whole. When we’re able to come together as a team outside of the office, do good work together and get to know each other, it just makes us stronger. As a group, we are always looking for ways to provide team bonding experiences and ways to give back. We try our best to keep the company culture alive whether we are in the office or remote.

Q: Do you have a personal favorite moment from one of AdPurp’s donation or volunteer opportunities?

Marissa: My personal favorite memory and opportunity was the Thanksgiving food drive. In the past years, we worked with LA Family Housing to help families in need receive meals and supplies during the holiday. They were super excited about our contribution and even came to the office several times to not only collect the supplies but to give a presentation on their organization.

Thank you, Marissa! On behalf of Advertise Purple and all of the wonderful organizations you’ve helped us support over the years, we appreciate all of your hard work.

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