December 6, 2019

At Advertise Purple, We Don’t Sacrifice Productivity to Maintain Our Great Office Culture and it Shows

When you are constantly winning awards for your growth and business success, while also being touted as one of the best places to work in the country from a work/life balance and culture standpoint, it’s easy to reflect and feel good about the fact that you are doing something right.

At Advertise Purple, resting on our laurels is the last thing that we’d ever do, though. It’s simply not in our DNA.

We’re growing faster than we can even keep up with, but we’re being incredibly careful selecting new hires who fit the culture and also have the wherewithal to do their job. We truly believe in each of our employees maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit in their role.

We also know that a fun lively group of young talented people who (somehow) all get along is attractive. Happy hours and group outings are important ways for us to bond and – in the end – become closer, making for a more collaborative environment.

But if every day was just a big party, would we ever get work done? There may be a common misconception that because we celebrate victories, we are too focused on the wrong things. But I think if you sit in on a workday at Ad Purp, you’d begin to realize a few things.

People are working their butts off for our clients. And whether that’s because their role is client-facing or if they’re more focused on the back-end, it’s important to understand the scope of your role before starting here. We set the tone during training, as Corporate Development Manager and new-hire trainer Emily Chen describes.

“At Advertise Purple we aim to set everyone up for success starting with our training,” says Emily. “The program is rigorous, fast-paced, and challenging, which results in a collaborative work environment and individuals feeling rewarded for their hard work.”

The key to maintaining the culture we strive for while also remaining a profitable business starts and ends with how we onboard. Emily has become an expert at setting the tone for employees who begin at the firm. And it’s for that reason that we have great Glassdoor reviews, award-winning culture, award-winning growth, and a generally positive office environment.

There’s no worse situation in a job than when an employee doesn’t know what’s expected of them. Their confidence deteriorates, they lose all initial interest they may have had in learning the requirements of the role, and they might even begin looking around for other roles.

Luckily enough, we hire young people but don’t experience too much turnover due to the fact that we do offer clear opportunities during the first few weeks to ask questions, learn in a constructive and nurturing setting, and work together with one’s cohort to establish that connection and bond that allows every one of our employees to feel they came in with a “crew”.

In fact, I still see groups of new hires who are no longer new hires grabbing lunch together and hanging out outside of the office all the time. It’s a great method we use that gives someone new to the company a small group of fellow newbies to grow with.

Of course, at Ad Purp we keep things professional. If an employee is struggling, we coach them up. But everyone is expected to hold their own and get their work done. In fact, I’d argue that’s part of what makes the culture great. Work hard play hard, but in the truest sense.

Because at the end of the day while we have all developed great friendships here, we are colleagues aiming to help the company scale. I’m pretty confident that it will continue to grow, and I can only hope that the great culture will stay the same in the future.

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