May 12, 2020

As Country Slowly Reopens, 5 Verticals Poised For Big Memorial Day

I want to preface this by saying I am not suggesting there’s a world where things are completely back to normal by Memorial Day Weekend – especially not across the entire country. 

However, the last Monday of May and what is commonly referred to as the official start to the summer is often a big opportunity for brands. I think, this year especially, that will be no different and brands that come prepared with their marketing strategies will win.

2020 has been difficult to say the least, and people will be utilizing some of their savings to prepare for what I think all of us would cherish wholeheartedly – that is, a life without COVID-19 on the forefront of all of our minds.

Whether or not large gatherings are still canceled and social distancing remains the norm, there are products and services we all will yearn for more than usual this summer. And I think being aware of those is smart, especially if you’re an online merchant of any kind.

So, let’s get into it.

1. Travel

Okay, hear me out.

Not only are prices historically low, but having spoken with executives in the travel industry, I can assure you that there is strong data suggesting what you might already assume. People want to get the heck out of dodge.

As the weather gets better and the same sights are still there to be seen, with lessening restrictions on economies, there’s no time like now to capitalize on worldwide wanderlust.

People are likely to place bets on economies reopening and things reverting back to how they were before, which means travel near and far is predicted to catapult back up to higher levels than predicted prior to the start of the year.

I personally have spoken to friends with plans to re-book trips they had to postpone. There are also countless weddings and other major events and trips that were originally planned and had to be placed on the backburner.

A resurgence of interest in getting out and about is likely, and if you’re in the industry it will pay to be prepared for that. Memorial Day Weekend itself will probably be an excuse to take a socially distant trip, too. But at the very least, people will want to book something down the line.

2. Home Goods

Home goods have already been largely undeterred by coronavirus. With the lockdown keeping us indoors indefinitely, conceptually this makes sense.

But this is still a great opportunity to make a sales push if your brand functions in the space of making someone’s at-home living conditions slightly more tolerable. After all, I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson being quarantined.

It’s important to prioritize our living conditions and that means living as luxuriously as we can. At least, at our price point.

The Memorial Day weekend push is an opportune time to get great deals on everything you need for home improvement including decor, appliances, tools, and hardware. Get a plant baby and I have a feeling your quarantine won’t be as lonely.

Freshen up your home with bright colors and cooler styles for the warmer seasons. And take the 3-day weekend as a launching pad towards an existence focused on putting yourself first. Quarantine or not, why not keep your surroundings looking and feeling good.

3. Electronics

With so much going on in the world today, from the coronavirus to general anxiety about the environment and politics, what better time than now to enhance your home life with TVs, computers, speakers, headphones, and more?

It’s become clear that we need technology to stay connected and also to entertain us.

Bundles that include streaming services, games, and other entertainment sources will be widely available, and for those of us who are still wary about the outdoors, this presents an awesome opportunity to destress inside.

Not to mention, I personally have been utilizing my speakers and headphones to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts in a time where both learning and vibing are in my opinion equally #essential.

Consider this kind of like the midway point to holidays. Except, now we actually have a valid excuse for splurging on ourselves and our loved ones to help enhance an experience we all can agree is making us want a bit more.

4. Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

In a similar vein to travel, while many of us have not had much use for fashion purchases in the difficult time of quarantine, restrictions are slowly being lifted.

That means getting ahead of the curve and buying clothes and shoes that we think could make us a bit more fabulous upon returning to the outside world right now, and trending towards the future as well.

This Memorial Day weekend could very easily be a time where shoppers who want to enjoy their summer go ahead and purchase outdoor attire, in preparation for when we finally are able to leave the confines of our homes.

The affiliate marketing arena is well situated to handle high demand for great new summer outfits, and I think that especially considering retail stores are not opening in the near future, online average order value (AOV) numbers will likely be higher than usual.

Again, like with travel, brands should consider preparing for the fall and even winter as well. It’s important to prioritize items and gear that will be useful in the distant future as well as the near future, since we’re all hopeful for normalcy to return.

And at the moment, we don’t know when that will be. However, we’re all looking forward to a day when we can throw on some jeans (Full disclosure: I haven’t worn a pair in weeks).

5. Sports & Outdoors

Even in quarantine, there’s been 131% growth in sports and outdoors purchases, and this trend towards health, fitness, and the general outdoors could continue as we gain access to areas where these types of activities happen.

Basketball, tennis, golf, and other recreational sports that you can typically find people playing together (at closer than acceptable social distance standards) in the summer will once again become available. A surge in the equipment and apparel required for these activities is likely.

It’s well documented that cycling and even rollerblading are regaining popularity, during this pandemic. Being able to travel through areas quickly is advantageous, and better than doing so on foot.

Hunting, swimming, and camping are all uniquely American and will definitely be back in the mix this summer. People who appreciate the great outdoors will be getting out there in droves as soon as it’s deemed socially acceptable.

I can attest to the fact that, prior to coronavirus, I would never have considered camping even remotely appealing, but I have a planned trip to the Grand Canyon once it’s safe that I fully plan to not flake on.

Whether or not I stay true to my word is still up for debate, but hey… I might buy equipment this Memorial Day weekend. There are probably countless others like me who want to get in tune with nature again.

So, yes, the bottom line is that consumers want to spend money and time in ways we haven’t been able to during quarantine. Brands can take this urgency to get out and live normally again and provide the right products and services to facilitate making that happen.

While it’s known as a time of deals, I think the opportunity lies more in being a catalyst for normalcy.

Many are more understanding of what it is they love to do (or what they’d like to start doing), especially after it’s been taken away from us. Brands should position themselves accordingly.

Consider interests piqued. Anything is on the table for a lot of us who’ve been deprived. Let’s all celebrate life together, and of course celebrate our fallen heroes this Memorial Day.

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