November 23, 2020

Affiliate Spotlight: Q+A with Max McClary From Piggy

When talking with members of my team about the top affiliates out there right now, it’s impossible to have the discussion without mentioning Piggy.

It seems like customers of ours are chomping at the bit to work with them and for good reason.

Major brands, great deals, and an easy to use interface are just a few of the benefits to Piggy that set their offering apart from the rest.

For that reason, I wanted to dive in and ask Max McCloary from their partnerships team a few questions about his experience working there and what to expect from Piggy going forward.

Hope you enjoy it! Let’s dive right in.

Q: What’s your background? Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: I got my start doing TV and Radio planning and buying at Universal McCann. Eventually I made the switch to the digital side at CJ Affiliate managing advertiser accounts before coming to Piggy two years ago.

Q: What led you to affiliate and specifically working at PIggy?

A: Affiliate felt like a great way to transition my experience managing advertisers in TV and Radio into Digital. After three and a half years at CJ Affiliate I wanted to experience another angle in the affiliate industry and Piggy was a great fit.

Q: How would you describe affiliate marketing and what PIggy does to someone who doesn’t know much about the space?

A: Affiliate marketing to me is helping customers get the best deals they can on products and services they buy or a place to discover new products and services. Another aspect is helping advertisers convert more transactions than they would have without their publishers. Piggy specifically hosts those deals so that customers have one central location to see them and get some of the best cashback in the industry.

Q: Where do you see Piggy evolving or changing in the near future? Or even further down the road?

A: Piggy has already started evolving by expanding globally starting late last year. We now have country specific sites in the UK, Germany and France. The expansion will continue to more of Europe and eventually APAC. We will also be expanding our mobile and social presence in the near future.

Q: What excites you most about working on partnerships and with agencies?

A:  I love getting to help connect my advertisers with customers and optimize that relationship so both sides get the most out of their shopping experience. Working with Agencies is always great as they are a one stop shop to get access to lots of brands and work on a larger scale than 1-1 relationships.

Q: How has it been working with RJ’s team (partnerships team) and Advertise Purple?

A: Advertise Purple and RJ’s team specifically have been amazing. They are always very responsive and eager to start new partnerships and optimize the established ones.

Q: What’s advice you might give brands interested in developing an affiliate program?

A: The best way to get attention from customers is to either have a higher cash back level or a few offers with $ or % discounts. The ability to increase the commission levels for placements or having a budget available helps brands stick out, especially to a casual shopper that doesn’t have a specific brand in mind.

Q: What verticals do you think work best with Piggy’s platform?

A: Typically we do the best with Clothing, Department Stores and Travel however we are open to all verticals and see success with most partners.

Q: What are some changes – large or small – you’d like to see in the affiliate space in general? Or perhaps more easily, changes you’d like to see at Piggy?

A: Something I’d like to see more of is regular advertiser/ agency check ins with Piggy. I find a lot of the time that simply educating advertisers or their reps on what we do and what we have to offer is a great jumping off point for stronger performance.

Q: How have you managed during this crazy year? Any new hobbies in quarantine?

A: It’s been a little crazy in California in general but things have been good for me. No new hobbies but I did expand my vehicle fleet with a Bronco to continue my car restoration/ customization hobby.

Thanks, Max!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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