December 15, 2020

Affiliate Spotlight: Q+A w/ Philip Searle From Shoptagr

It was my pleasure to chop it up with Philip Searle from Shoptagr, one of our favorite affiliates that we work with at Advertise Purple.

They’ve seen success during a time that many others have floundered, and I was interested in learning a bit more about their secret sauce.

What exactly are customers looking for right now?

What’s working and what isn’t?

After all, we’re in a pandemic and nothing is normal. So, I tried my very best to peel back the layers on what affiliates are doing right and where Shoptgar is headed along with the fast-growing affiliate marketing business in general.

It was a great interview. Check it out below.

Q: Describe your background and what landed you at Shoptagr?

A: I had previously worked as a lawyer in Australia, then when I moved countries, I found this intriguing opportunity at Shoptagr. At the time, I knew very little about affiliate marketing, however Shoptagr had an amazing work-culture and I loved online shopping. Over the last 2 years, I’ve learnt so much about the industry and I am very excited to be with Shoptagr as we grow.

Q: What excites you most about affiliate marketing?

A: I am most excited by our new cashback feature: Shoptagr Cashback! It’s been in the pipeworks for some time and a lot of thought has been invested into advancing the users experience. Our cashback is designed to enhance existing partnerships, develop new relationships, and help our growing 2M+ shoppers achieve the greatest value for their purchases.

Q: What value does an affiliate like Shoptagr bring to the end-customer?

A: At the core, Shoptagr is focussed on creating the highest value at every point of the shoppers journey. Shoptagr enhances the shopping experience, and ensures it’s shoppers feel confident they are getting the best deal with every purchase. This comes in the form of sale notifications, alerts when items return to stock, exclusive coupons and cashback. With that in mind, Our audience is not the typical deal and coupon hunters – the vast majority of our members are actively using Shoptagr to plan their next purchases.

Q: What are some new initiatives Shoptagr has in the works for 2021?

A: We are currently rolling out a new version of Shoptagr, which provides for additional promotional space for our partners. We also have a HUGE surprise coming early next year, so keep your eyes out for it.

Q: How has it been navigating the pandemic and everything that has happened in 2020? (I know it’s a lot)

A: During the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty, however we’ve not only grown in shoppers, but we have also seen a drastic increase in sales. Overall, we’ve experienced significant growth this year. As a result of the pandemic, our users have utilised the benefits of online shopping and we forecast a very successful end to 2020.

Q: How has the pandemic shifted your core business?

A: We’ve become increasingly aware of the savvy-shopper. Exclusive coupons are a huge driver for sales: they instill confidence in the shopper that they are getting the best deal. We’ve also seen many users activate cashback, to get the most value out of their purchases.

Q: What about Q4? Always a big time for e-commerce. How has it been doing business in arguably one of the weirdest holiday shopping periods ever?

A: Our Q4 has been massive! We’ve driven more sales than ever before and our promotional packages sold out super quick. We’ve already begun taking orders for Q1 packages, which we anticipate will be a great opportunity to boost sales in the new year.

Q: How has it been working with Advertise Purple?

A: I have to give a shout out to Ginny and Esther who have been tremendously supportive! Together, they have helped set up new partnerships, secure increased CPA’s for cashback and lock in exclusive coupon codes. This year, we look forward to growing more placement packages with the team at Advertise Purple.

Q: What are some verticals and brands (if you can disclose) that have been killing it on Shoptagr recently?

A: Shoptagr is mostly known for its partnerships in fashion and lifestyle, however, this year we began expanding into online services and electronics. Across all these verticals, we have found an AOV of over $100. We currently support over 15,000+ stores and this is growing daily. 

Q: What does the future of e-commerce look like, in your opinion?

A: Shoptagr has almost doubled in size this year and we anticipate this growth will continue. We are of the view that now is a great time to be in the industry! Online sales are booming and we see a lot of potential for 2021 and beyond.

Q: How simple is Shoptagr to use for those of us who aren’t that tech savvy?

A: Shoptagr is a super user-friendly, pre-purchase shopping tool. We are cross-platform, on the dashboard, web extension and mobile app, and we like to ensure our users have a smooth and easy journey. Our users can save their favorite items at a click of a button and keep on top of sales with our instant notifications. Cashback can easily be activated and our coupons can appear at checkout, to help encourage the sale.

Q: What’s some advice you have for brands interested in developing an affiliate program?

A: Never underestimate the power of user’s resonation. Our results show that frequency and familiarity are the key to a successful campaign. We recommend extended promotional campaigns to help drive user recognition and trust in the brand.  


Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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