August 20, 2020

Affiliate Spotlight: NMPi Case Study and Q+A with Danny Fishbein

Strategic partnerships matter in the agency world.

That said, our partnerships team works closely with affiliates of all kinds, recruiting, onboarding, and maintaining relationships with them; with the goal in mind, ultimately to drive revenue for the partner, the brands we work with, and of course our own agency.

NMPi is an international affiliate we’ve been collaborating with for quite some time now. They’ve been around since 2004, and have offices all over the world, including in New York City, which is where Danny Fishbein works.

Danny is one of the representatives from their organization that we’ve had the pleasure of interfacing with during the time of our partnership. I was happy to learn a lot more about him, his experience with NMPi, his time working closely with Ad Purp, and the world of digital marketing.

On top of the interview, together, we worked to create a case study highlighting the lift we’ve seen in conversions and revenue for the brands we’ve managed together. You can find that here to get a look at our recent collaborative success together.

But first, take a look below to learn a bit more about Danny and his team.

Let’s dive right in!

Q: Hi Danny, how long have you been working at NMPi? What about the agency attracted you most?

A:  I’m approaching my 2-year anniversary at NMPi in September, and it’s been a great two years.

When I first started applying, I was impressed that a UK-Headquartered company with a bathroom stall-sized NYC office had clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, NFLShop, and HP, and immediately wanted to learn more. Then I met the team, saw their growth mindset and values, and was immediately excited to help make the US office a success.

When I started, we were a four-person team in NYC, and we’ve now upped that number to 15 in less than 2 years, so it’s been an exciting journey.

Q: Describe what makes NMPi stand out from competitors in the industry?

A: NMPi is a paid search, Google Shopping, programmatic display, and paid social partner, working on a performance model, where we front the media spend and only get paid when we drive a sale. Our ability to guarantee ROI for advertisers in channels that normally require significant investment before seeing a return is a game-changer for many brands without the time, experience, or scale to expand their campaigns and grow their company rapidly.

Q: How have you adapted to COVID-19, shelter-in-place orders, civil unrest, and general world issues at this current moment?

A: I mentioned NMPi’s values above as something that attracted me to the company, and I couldn’t be prouder of the way they’ve handled the challenges 2020 has brought on. The work-from-home transition has been seamless, but more importantly, they’ve been open to having difficult conversations and bringing in panels of experts from outside the organization to discuss the social issues that we’re seeing at the forefront of the news right now. A big thank you to our Leadership Team for investing the time and resources, and our Diversity and Inclusion Committee for putting all of that in place.

Q: How has NMPi managed during these difficult times?

A: As a business, we’ve weathered the storm better than most. With smart investment into people and their technology to make working from home easier, we’re actually on pace to accomplish some of our yearly goals that were set pre-COVID.

Our no-risk, no-upfront fee business model has given many companies an outlet to let them run performance marketing with a trusted partner, without having to risk tens of thousands in budget upfront, so we’ve seen an uptick in interest in our performance solutions.

Q: Are there any predictions you have regarding a return to some kind of normalcy? (Even if not perfectly “normal” in the sense we once knew)

A: As cliché as it is, there is likely to be a new normal when this is all said and done. I think companies will look to have more creative partnership conversations that limit risk, working with more channels via a partnership or affiliate-style model after seeing the benefits throughout COVID-19.

Q: Any new initiatives NMPi is considering in the near future?

A: NMPi have recently started advisory sessions, which are a great way for companies to have an open and honest conversation with an expert about their marketing and business challenges without committing to working with a new company. These advisory sessions are one-on-one sessions with one of our specialist team members to discuss any problems they may currently be facing and will offer practical solutions and advice..There are no strings attached, we are simply doing our bit to help brands in any small way that we can. The pandemic has caused major disruption across all verticals and has caused most businesses to rethink their marketing strategy. We want to use our expertise for good and support those that may be finding it difficult at the moment.

Q: How has it been working with Advertise Purple?

A: Since starting at NMPi, I’ve worked closely with Advertise Purple and always look forward to seeing your team at industry events and visiting your office if we are around LA.

Not only have you guys been a pleasure to work with from a personal perspective, our companies’ growth mindsets and willingness to push the boundaries of the affiliate channel have aligned nicely to create a synergy between us that has led to an extremely successful partnership.

Q: What is the benefit of leveraging NMPi’s technology through the affiliate channel?

A: There are two ways we can work with brands through the affiliate channel:

Full Coverage: we act as the advertiser’s PPC/Display/Social agency, delivering activity for them across all their markets on a risk-free CPA model.

Gap Coverage: we deliver these services in secondary markets/search engines alongside a brand’s main digital marketing team/agency.

In both of these scenarios, we are able to provide a full agency service to clients without them having to pay traditional agency levels of investment. The other beauty of the channels we run is that we can help feed advertiser’s business-wide insights, so we often find that we can have a halo effect on their business as a whole.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about digital marketing and e-commerce in general that you’d like to address?

A: Within digital marketing, I think many people see affiliate marketing as strictly a place to go for certain partners such as coupon sites, or content pieces. However, as we’ve seen firsthand, with the power of a partnership and aligned goals, affiliate marketing can stretch into almost all areas of e-commerce to help grow an advertiser’s business.

Q: Do you have any client/partner success stories you’ve had recently that you’d like to share? (Feel free to exclude the name of the client or partner)

A: One of my favorite parts of NMPi is our entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new, creative ways to make campaigns better. We recently built a tool to help us understand how price competitive our clients are compared to retailers or resellers who sell the same products. This allows us to increase our impression share for items our clients are most price competitive on, and make campaigns more efficient as a result. We’ve applied this technology to several of our largest retail clients and have already seen significant success.

Q: Where do you see e-commerce in 3-5 years? 5-10?

A: We’ll continue to see the growth of e-commerce in non-traditional e-commerce markets, such as groceries and gardening supplies. Consumers, who in the past may have prefered going into a shop, have now been forced to utilize e-commerce channels, and in many cases realize how easy and beneficial it can be to their day to day activity. Due to this, I expect we will see continued growth and shift toward shopping online.

With that said, e-commerce advertising will likely see an increase in restrictions as regulations catch up to the rapid growth of online advertising. The companies that figure out how to navigate this will be the most successful.

Thanks Danny!

Are you getting started in affiliate marketing or looking to improve your current program?

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